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When was the last time you took a good, hard look at your brand ambassador resume?

Are you serious about getting brand ambassador jobs?

Do you want to be able to pick and choose the best jobs and have offers rolling in on the regular?

Then listen up!

I’m about to give you an inside look at what your brand ambassador resume tells potential employers about you.

Here is how to represent yourself in the experiential marketing world so you get the brand ambassador work you want.

Before we get started, one last thing:

You won’t get any chance to work at events if you aren’t signed up with an agency!

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Now it’s time to beef up your brand ambassador resume and make you look like the superstar that you are.

Your First Priority

You only get 1 chance to make a first impression.

Like most clichés, this exists for a reason, because it’s the truth.

Believe it not, your experience is the second thing people will notice.

The first thing that happens when somebody reviews your brand ambassador resume, whether they ever realize it or not, is that they pass judgment on your character based on the design and layout.

Think about it, when you stumble onto a new website, what do you do first?

You create an idea in your head if it’s good of bad based on how it looks, not on what it says.

Granted, there are many good websites that you’ll become a fan of because the content is that good. However, many people will click away from poorly organized websites before they read anything. If it looks like crap, then most will assume that the content must be crap.

Now, what do you think happens when people open up your resume?

  • If your resume looks messy the reader thinks you are messy.
  • If the format is not consistent, then you are basically saying “I don’t pay attention to details.”
  • If you have misspellings and bad grammar then you can forget about ever getting any work.

Lucky for you, you can get help with design quite easily.

Lacking in design skills? Don’t try to reinvent the wheel, simply use an existing template. Here are two places to grab one:

Free Microsoft Word templates

7 Free Resume Templates

The ‘No Experience’ Conundrum

For those of you that don’t have any experience in this industry, this section will give you a boost.

We understand that some people are new to the industry. Don’t let that deter you!

There are certain things you can’t teach even seasoned brand ambassadors. Truly great Brand ambassadors do more than learn talking points and follow directions at an event. They are endlessly energetic, do their jobs with passion, and love interacting with people.

Those that are lacking in event related experience should emphasize their experience working closely people in another industry.

For example, if you worked in a restaurant and were on the front lines, engaging with customers and representing the restaurant in a customer service driven role then you should emphasize this on your resume.

Highlight your experience people skills there, and you’ll be landing gigs in no time.

Digital Resumes

Most resumes never get printed out, if people want to learn more they may look for you online anyway.

 Include relevant links in your resume.

Here are a couple of ideas on what types of links to include:

Your LinkedIN profile.

Not on that social network? It’s time to join because this is where professionals hang out.

Create a Video and Share It

Create a short 30-second video introducing yourself and showcasing your outgoing and fun filled personality. Keep it short! Just a quick hello, my name is (fill in the blank) and I’d love to have a chance to represent you at events. Put your video on youtube in a private setting and post the link on your resume. And like Ron Burgundy says, “Stay Classy!“

Since most people won’t take the effort to create and submit a video you’ll already have a head start on the competition.

A Personal Page or Central Hub is a great (and free) place to create a personal profile that acts as a central hub to your personal brand. Wow them with a great photo and link out your relevant locations on the web.


Don’t forget to turn your resume into a PDF so it keeps the same format no matter who you send it to. Microsoft Word will allow you to save as a PDF, Make sure the links are active. If you can’t get that to work for whatever reason, you can always include links in an email.

Creating Stand Out Job Descriptions

Not everybody can write super snazzy job descriptions but fear not! When struggling in the writing department head over the LinkedIN for some inspiration.

Let’s say you were a restaurant manager but you’re having a hard time describing your past work experience. You could search linked in and find some awesome job descriptions others have written for the same role.

DO NOT steal somebody’s job description word for word, but you can use it to get ideas and inspiration.

Send or Upload Your Brand Ambassador Resume

ATN allows anybody who signs up with us to also include a resume. Surprisingly, many people don’t take the time to include it.

Managing multiple profiles at various agencies can get tough but it’s important to keep them all up to date.

Be sure to share your resume!

Include References

By providing references up front instead of ‘upon request’ you are saying that you stand behind the work that you do. When people check references and hear great things about you, the job is all but yours.

Keep It Short

You resume should be no longer than 3 pages. Have more to share? Put it online somewhere and link to that page from your resume.

The Final Word

Your brand ambassador resume is basically an advertisement for what you can offer. It’s your little billboard and may be the single most important piece of your personal brand outside of your staffing agency profile.

Spend some time to get it right and you’ll never lack for work.

*photo courtesy of woodleywonderworks