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Why Brand Ambassador Staffing Companies?

brand ambassador staffing companies

You’ve been here before.

With 3 grocery items in hand, you walk up to check-out and barely see the top of one lone cashier’s head buried behind the longest lines you have ever seen. Your eyes dart frantically, desperately searching for another open checkout lane to no avail but… WAIT!

There IS a line, it’s only 2 people deep with 4 registers open for it’s the oasis of the self-checkout area!

“This will go quick” you think because “it will go quick” is the main selling point of such a seemingly great escape.

I mean why do you even need a cashier?! You got this!

Do I need to tell the rest of the story? I mean, you have time because you’re still standing in that self-checkout line, right?

Murphy’s Law is never held more true than it does with the concept of quick fixes.

There is skill and practice to ANY job and being a checkout cashier/bagger is no different.

With practice comes speed and accuracy. Having a human face and smile delivered with it makes all the difference.

If it seems too good to be true then it probably is.

In a world where robots are taking over, using app-based platforms for brand ambassador staffing makes little sense. In the vast crowd of brand ambassador companies, using a screen to evaluate and book your team is the ultimate in experiential marketing irony.

After all, the very point of experiential marketing is for human beings to connect with other human beings to promote a brand. A booking process that eliminates human expertise to hand-select the right candidates doesn’t seem to fit.

Internal staff who are trained, knowledgeable have the time available to “staff yourself” with one of these bolt-on apps, then it may be a good fit.  However, comparing the tried and true tactics of traditional brand ambassador staffing companies to an app-based staffing agency is apples to oranges.

When staffing a promotional event here is why you may want to avoid self-checkout and go with experienced brand ambassador staffing companies:

  • Apps are so hot right now – Although bright and shiny at the moment, trends tend to burn out quickly. Go for an agency that has years of experience.
  • Your team is only as good as your options – app-based platforms have an infinitely smaller pool of staff of which to choose from. This is an especially challenging hurdle when it comes to events in remote locations as well as last-minute bookings on major event weekends. Go with a brand ambassador staffing company that has a massive database and an always-be-recruiting department.
  • Matchmaker, Matchmaker make me a match – Staffing is matchmaking for jobs. Agencies that systematically require potential staff to meet checkpoints along the way ensure each team member is ideal for the job. This saves loads of time, headaches and the end result is a crew you can rely on.
  • Weekend warriors – In addition to working weekday business hours, a reputable staffing agency has account managers available 24/7 who use a strategic check-in process, are actively checking staff in at the start of your event and problem solving as needed. Overextending your internal staff is a tall order and results in a high overturn rate.
  • Back it up – a good agency will provide free onsite back-up staff which is something app-based systems neglect to offer.
  • Liability – unless you are ready to field staff on your insurance then steer clear of app based staffing systems and go with brand ambassador staffing companies that have you covered.
  • Show me that paper – sounds old fashioned but having a legit paper trail of time sheets come in handy and isn’t something an app based staffing system can provide.
  • Personalization – the entire point of experiential marketing is to make a brand impression on human beings through having an in real life moment with other human beings. No app in all the land can provide as much staffing personalization as much as a real, live person can.

No matter how much an app-based system is seemingly time efficient, staffing a promotional event requires the intervention of a skilled human hand. Brand ambassador staffing companies offer something you simply cannot mimic. The process of vetting and hiring a member of an onsite team through an app is not only counterintuitive but simply leaves out human connection on all levels. Point blank: if you want your consumers to have a personal brand experience then compiling a proper team requires personalization.