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How to Make More Money as a Brand Ambassador

What if I told you that a brand ambassador event pay rate of $18/hr can ultimately make you MORE money than an agency that pays $20/hr for the very same job?

As a brand ambassador for various agencies you may notice that pay rates can vary significantly.  On the surface, this can be frustrating to brand ambassadors. It’s tempting to choose only the jobs that pay a higher rate but believe it or not, this may be making you LESS money overall. It is crucial to understand HOW you are being paid in order to ensure you are getting the best end of the deal and it all boils down to which type of tax form an agency has you fill out within the payment process.

Two Types of Tax Forms

1 – W-2 Employee

2- 1099 Independent Contractor

It’s easy to feel slighted when an event rate is on the low end but in the end, the pay can actually be MORE over a year.

The chart below offers a detailed comparison of the financial benefits of working as an ATN W2 brand ambassador (or any other job with us)  as opposed to a 1099 independent contractor.

When you work as a W2 employee for any agency, you earn significantly more than you would as a 1099 independent contractor. This is true even when hourly rates are slightly lower than those of competing staffing agencies.brand ambassador

The reason for this is simple: taxes. As a W2 employee, ATN covers nearly half of your Social Security and Medicare taxes. As a 1099 independent contractor, you also have a greater responsibility for after-tax deductions as well as unemployment and workers’ compensation insurance.

ATN’s W2 employees gain peace of mind because their taxes are deducted accurately throughout the year. 1099 independent contractors must keep track of their own financial obligations and either set aside funds for estimated taxes or face a large bill when they file.

We hope you’ll appreciate the convenience of W2. We know you’ll appreciate the extra money!