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What does it take to launch an experiential marketing program?

One of the first steps should be hiring an event staffing agency.

An event staffing agency will handle everything – recruiting, interviewing, hiring, scheduling, training, testing, and confirming.

And that’s all before the event even takes place!

ATN has provided event staff for all types of experiential marketing programs over the last 15 years.

From organizing 100 Benjamin Franklins in New York to coordinating brand ambassadors for Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation national tour, or just finding the right brand reps for T-Mobile at Shakira’s secret concert in New York, experiential marketers must have a systemized approach to event staffing.

Experiential Marketing Program

Experiential Marketing Target and Nascar Program

Best Practices for Managing Experiential Marketing Programs

Recruiting and Vetting

Review each candidate thoroughly. Tools like LinkedIn give you a better chance to preview a person’s experience. Asking for current videos, photos, and an updated resume ensures that each candidate is accurately represented.

If you work with an event staffing agency, be sure they have a large database of active brand ambassadors to choose from.  he more qualified event staff you will receive which allows for fast event staffing.


Skype video calls or an in-depth conversation will give us a good sense if the person you are considering is the right fit for your program.

Pre-Event Testing

Emails get lost and important details can easily be overlooked. Training documents are great in theory, but if nobody reads through the materials then your staff won’t be educated on your brand.

Pre-event tests are a must before event execution.  Creating a simple pre-event test based on your training materials will help your event staff arrive prepared and ready to engage.

Confirm, Confirm, Then Confirm Again

Multiple confirmations via phone, text, and email will give you an idea if your staff is paying attention to any last minute changes. If our event staff ignores confirmation requests, we take that as a red flag warning and replace that person. You don’t want to end up short-handed!

Post-Event Reporting

Experiential marketing programs can be improved over time based on actual feedback from the field. At ATN, we have our event staff fill out a post-event report to gain perspective on what works and what doesn’t.  ATN has a built-in post-event reporting system, but you could easily use Google Docs or a tool like Survey Monkey to help you out.

The Final Word

Working with an experienced event team will ensure your experiential marketing program brings the desired engagement for your brand.

Since 2002, ATN Event Staffing has been a trusted partner in full-service experiential event staffing, execution, and management.  If you are interested in learning more about our event staffing services, please click here to contact us.

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