Frequently Asked Questions


Event Marketing Basics (4)

What is event marketing and promotions?

The exciting industry of Event Marketing is also known as experiential or promotional marketing. At an event, a consumer can experience a company’s brand/service in an interactive and engaging way.

What exactly does your company do and how does this all work?

ATN Promo is a nationwide event staffing agency. We help our clients by providing staff to work at their promotional marketing events. We hire people like you to represent a brand or service at large and small events, retail promotions, trade shows, festivals, media events and everything in-between. We provide staff in EVERY city/town nationwide for our clients!

What type of work will I be doing?

Brands and services know that one of the best ways to get somebody excited about what they have is to give them an experience with it. For example, holding and using a particular smartphone gives you a much better idea if you would buy it than just looking at it in a magazine advertisement.

ATN finds talented people like you to represent the most popular brands and services available at events nationwide.

As a ‘Brand Ambassador’ you get to do many different types of work at an event. Anything is possible! Just a few of the things you may be hired to do include:

  • Handing out free samples of a product to consumers at an event or on the street
  • Showing people how to use technology like smartphones, tablets, etc.
  • Greeting people into a VIP or Hospitality area
  • Manage an interactive game or photo booth at an event
  • Informing people about a new service and helping them try it out
  • Educating customers
  • Acting as a costume character or mascot
  • Playing games and drawing a crowd to an exhibit
  • Demonstrating a new technology
  • Assisting with setup or teardown (labor)

Or a million other different things, the list is endless. Don’t worry, you’ll know everything about what you’ll be expected to do at an event before you agree to work.

What types of events will I work?

Here is a list of some different types of events we find staff for:

• Outdoor Events, Concerts, Festivals and Fairs
• Street Festivals
• Beachside Promotions
• College Tours or Events
• Mobile Marketing Campaigns
• VIP/Hospitality/Music
• Ride and Drive Automotive Promotions and Car Shows
• Trade shows and Corporate Conventions
• In-store Demonstrations
• Intercept Street Sampling
• Guerrilla Marketing
• Bar/Nightclub Promos
• Food and Beverage Promotions
• Print Advertising
• Runway and Fashion Shows

Important Tips On Creating Your Profile (4)

Why is my ATN profile so important?

Think of your ATN profile as your real-time resume. Your profile will be the first thing our Account Managers see when they are booking staff for their events. If it’s done well, it will greatly increase your chances of working current and future events in your area.

Follow these simple steps:

Submit Great Pictures

• Include pictures of yourself smiling and dressed appropriately (no accessories – sunglasses, hats, etc). Think of this as a happy medium between your LinkedIn profile photo and your online dating profile photos.

• Make sure you submit three (3) different pictures; one full body picture, one close up picture and one in a professional setting (promo or business).

• Only upload recent pictures of yourself (photos taken within the last month).

Submit Your Resume

• Make sure there are no misspellings or formatting errors; make sure all bullet points align and all fonts/type sizing is uniform.

• Include all up to date information including recent address and your birth name (not your stage name or your nickname).

• Don’t lie! Lying about anything is not a good idea. We want to know the real you.

Do you have any other advice about profile pictures?

• Submit clear and current pictures of yourself. Many of our clients require photos taken within the last week as a part of their approval process.

• Don’t include any unprofessional photos (obscene/inappropriate gestures, outrageous outfits, drinking alcohol, etc).

• No crowd shots, we just want to see you!

How should I highlight my experience?

Upload a current resume

Subsequently, use the freeform “Promotional Modeling Experience” section to summarize your relevant experience in your own words
• Cover all of your experience and any other skills.
• Keep your profile/pictures up to date.
• We want to get to know you, please take your time and tell us about yourself!

Can I add new pictures or an updated resume later?

Yes. When you sign up the first time include your most recent pictures and resume in your profile.

After that, it’s a good idea to update your profile every 2-3 months. Just login and make any necessary changes. As a reminder, your login is your email address and your password is your last name.

How To FInd Fun Work With Us (7)

How can I get fun, flexible work with ATN?

Just sign up and join our team! We are always looking for great people to represent our clients at events.

What type of experience do I need to sign up?

The only requirements are a great attitude, enthusiasm and a solid work ethic. Of course it helps to have some experience working events, but the bottom line is that we want people who are excited to work, will show up on time and do what it takes to get the job done. If that sounds like you, then sign up (did we mention it’s free and easy?)

Does this cost anything?

No, it’s absolutely free to sign up with ATN. In fact, instead of chasing jobs, the work comes to you.

Once you’ve created your ATN profile, we will notify you of upcoming opportunities in your area. Our website is safe and secure so you’re information is only accessible to us and it’s NEVER shared.

Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and connect with us on LinkedIn right now to be the first to hear about upcoming work opportunities.

This sounds cool, how do I find out about work in my area?

Once you’ve completed your ATN profile, you will be active in our system. From there, our account management team will start to send you interest emails based on the criteria/information included in your profile.

Please note that we do not post any of our jobs on your profile or within the database as some other agencies do. Notifications will be released by the account management team via email and by the recruiting department via social media so be sure to follow us on each of those platforms as well.

We post jobs on our Facebook page and on Twitter

How do I get booked to work at an event?

The booking process starts out with our Account Managers sending out an interest email for a particular event in your area.

Should you be interested and available for this event, click on the “I’m Interested” link within the interest email.

Once you’ve clicked “I’m Interested”, the Account Manager will reach out to you via telephone to interview you and confirm the event details. From there, the Account Manager will send you a Preliminary Booking Sheet if you are chosen to work the event after the interview.

Once you’ve accepted the Preliminary Booking Sheet, you will receive an email from our third party payrolling vendor with all of your new hire onboarding paperwork.

What gives me the best opportunity to get work with ATN Promo?

First, sign up here and fully complete your profile.

New staff can also use the “sign up” button in the upper right hand corner of this page, existing staff looking to update their profiles should use the “talent” button.

As a note, your login is your email address and your password is your last name.

Creating an outstanding ATN profile will get you noticed by our Account Managers and clients alike

Signing up is quick, easy and free. If you want to learn more about signing up check out our join us page.

What paperwork do I need to complete to become officially hired by ATN?

Once you are booked for a job with ATN you will need to get ‘onboarded’ which means you need to fill out the proper paperwork to be officially hired and paid.

In order to set you up in our system for payment, the following items must be completed and submitted back to the third party agency we’ve contracted to act as our onboarding and payroll partner.

– Completed I-9 form (Sections 1 and 2 to be completed)
– Copies of IDs scanned/emailed or faxed for I-9 form
– Online W-4 form completed
– Copy of a blank, “VOID” check should you opt for Direct Deposit

These forms only need to be completed and submitted ONCE but they must be completed properly and submitted back to our payrolling partner in order for you to receive payment.

After you’ve successfully completed and submitted your onboarding paperwork and you’ve flawlessly executed the event onsite, you must then submit your timesheet. This process will be instigated via email by ATN. That email will provide all necessary direction for submitting your timesheet for payment.

If you follow these steps, you will receive payment within 2-3 weeks of the event.

Note: some staff have received payment as early as 4 days after the event. This should not be the expectation but it certainly can happen that quickly.

I’ve been hired to work a fun event with ATN, now what? (5)

What should I do first?

• Review all of the event details we send you very closely.
• Take and pass the pre-event quiz (if applicable).
• If you have any questions, contact your assigned ATN Account Manager

What will I be doing when I work at an event?

Each job is different, but no matter what you are doing here are some simple things you should ALWAYS do.

• Always be smiling and having fun.
• Be enthusiastic about the brand or service you are representing
• Follow the event manager’s instructions
• Be outgoing and approachable; talk to people
• Wear the designated attire and show up early

• Be on your cell phone when you are working unless it’s a requirement of the job and has been approved by your manager
• Chew gum, smoke, drink alcohol, use inappropriate language or act in any other way that would be deemed unacceptable by the client/agency
• Sit down unless it’s a requirement of the job
• Take long breaks without permission or return late from your break
• Discuss what you are being paid with anybody at any time. Period.

What should I wear?

Every event requires different attire. This will all be provided to you before your event. DO NOT get creative and wear something different. If it says to show up in Khaki pants, for example, don’t wear khaki shorts or black pants.

• Show up at least 20 minutes early and check in with your ATN Account Manager and/or onsite Team Lead.

• Showing up in the wrong attire or late can result in immediate dismissal so please do these simple things and you’ll be good!

Will I get paid for parking, gas, etc?

Unless we tell you parking and gas will be covered, you will not be reimbursed for these.

How can I keep getting work with ATN?

• Be willing to work many types of events.
• Show up early, wear the proper clothing and fulfill all obligations.
• Bring energy, enthusiasm and smiles to your event!
– Be flexible on pay rate (or at least as flexible as your current situation allows)