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25 Brand Ambassador Resume Tips to Make a Killer First Impression

Creating a resume can be a daunting task, but it can be especially difficult for brand ambassadors.  Unlike traditional roles where employees perform the same tasks for the same employer, brand ambassadors often work for several experiential event staffing agencies, several times per month, and with each event, comes different responsibilities.  With a long list of event experience and a wide range of skills, where do you even begin?

I decided to go straight to the event staffing gurus to get the scoop on what they look for when reviewing brand ambassadors’ resumes.  I asked our account managers one question, “What would the ideal brand ambassador resume look like?”

The number one response was organization.  Account managers have to make the most of their time, so an organized and easy-to-read resume is key.

Brand Ambassador Resume Tips and Guidelines 

Your resume serves as your first impression, so take the time to carefully craft your resume.  Here are some helpful tips from our account management team on what to include on your resume, as well as a few other guidelines:


  • Include a high-quality headshot of yourself. Headshots by a professional photographer are not necessary, but be sure to choose a photo that is clear, in good taste, current, and a true representation of who you are.
  • We want to see smiling faces, so be sure to choose a photo in which you are smiling.

Name and Contact Information

  • You should list your legal name, first and last. If you go by a nickname or have a stage name, feel free to include that, but for booking purposes, we will need your legal name.
  • Your contact information should list your phone number (make sure you have voicemail set up), email address, and your city and state.

Personal Website and/or Professional Social Media Profiles (Optional)

  • If you have a personal website that features your work as a brand ambassador, demo reels, or anything else related to your work in the experiential marketing industry, please include that.
  • You may include your LinkedIn profile link or Instagram handle if you showcase your work on either platform.

Professional Summary

  • Your professional summary should be a few sentences or a short paragraph outlining what you have to offer to the event staffing agency.
    • Example: “Over six years of wide-ranging experience executing measurable experiential marketing campaigns. A results-oriented marketing professional who excels in providing dynamic experiences to consumers while representing outstanding brands.  Strong administrative professional skills in event planning, integrated marketing, marketing strategy, event management, and staff management.   

Work Experience

  • Format your experience section so that it reflects agency names and brand names you have represented. This is important to include in both your staffing agency profile and resume to make it searchable by agency representatives.
  • Categorize your experience by position title (tour manager, lead brand ambassador, brand ambassador, etc.) and then in reverse chronological order within each category. For each event or campaign include the following information:
    • Event Name
    • Brand
    • Event staffing agency or marketing agency
    • City
    • Dates worked
    • Outline specific responsibilities
  • List any highlights or achievements (number of leads collected, impressions made, increase in sales, ETC.).

Skills and Proficiencies

  • List any skill or proficiency that you possess that you feel relates to your position as a brand ambassador or directly to the event you are applying for.
    • Examples: Outgoing personality, team-player, lead generation experience, public speaking, tech-savvy, excellent communication skills, ETC.


  • Include the degree(s) you have received in reverse chronological order (with the most recent degree listed first).
  • Be sure to include the name of the institution you received a degree from, its location, and your date of graduation (or expected date of graduation if you are currently enrolled).
  • When applicable, include your major/minor fields, as well as any honors, publications, and projects.


  • Use as few words as possible, quantify your accomplishments if you can and don’t be redundant
  • Resumes should be a maximum of two pages, but one page is preferred.
  • Staffing agencies understand that seasoned brand ambassadors have worked on many campaigns. Let your resume read as a success story, not a to-do list.  If you have a lot of experience, highlight the largest campaigns that you have worked on or events that you view as your personal best.  If you would like, you can list other campaigns at the end of your resume.
    • Example:  “Other notable brand campaigns:  Macy’s, Under Armour, Ford, AT&T, MLB, EA Sports, Target, Coca-Cola.”


  • Format each section, make sure everything lines up, and keep it consistent throughout the document.
  • Unless you are a graphic designer, err on the side of keeping your resume basic and clean.

Font and Size

General Tips

  • Save and submit your resume as a PDF file. The file name should be your first and last name.
  • Pay attention to your grammar, punctuation, and mechanics. Your resume is representative of not only your experience but also your professionalism. Resumes that have typos or grammar mistakes are promptly thrown in the virtual “no thank you” pile.
  • Don’t rely on your computer’s spelling and grammar check alone, proofread your resume multiple times to eliminate errors and/or have a trusted friend proofread it.
  • Utilize online resources and resume templates like these.
  • Keep your resume current. It is imperative to update your staffing agency profiles and resume regularly, every three months is a good rule to follow.  This allows the staffing agency to see that you are active in their system and that you are currently working and/or seeking work in the industry.  Set yourself a recurring reminder on your calendar and you’ll never forget.

No matter what style you choose, just remember that organization is the key to building a great brand ambassador resume.

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