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Refer a friend and earn money! It’s that simple.

ATN is always on the lookout for amazing brand ambassadors to join our team and who better to hire than those referred by current (and amazing) brand ambassadors, right?!

If anyone has ever asked, “how do I get a job doing what you do?” – this is your chance to help them and ATN, all while making a little money for yourself, too!  It’s a win-win-win!

Why should you sign-up for the brand ambassador referral program?

  •   It’s free to participate.
  •   There is no minimum of referrals required, and there is no maximum – the sky is the limit.
  •   It’s all virtual – text, phone call, email, and/or social media postings* are the most effective and most efficient ways for you to spread the word.
  •   It’s a super-easy way to make money.  We provide you with the job description and a referral link that is unique to you – all you have to do is share the information with your friends, family, and social networks.
  • You are free to refer candidates nationwide.

How the program works:

  • You must have a current ATN profile to participate in the referral program. If you do not have an ATN profile you may set one up here.
  • Sign up for ATN’s referral program and if approved you will be contacted and provided a unique referral link.
  • You share job information (will be provided upon acceptance) with those who you think would be a good fit for ATN and our clients.
  • Your referral creates a complete ATN Talent Profile by December 31st 2020 using your unique recruiter link (referrals must be new to ATN, they cannot have a current talent profile).
  • If your referral is selected, booked, and completes successfully an event job by December 31st 2022 date you will earn $25/per referral.

How to earn money:

The referral rate is issued when all of the following terms and conditions are met: 

  • The referral is new to ATN (no current or old profiles).
  • The referral uses your unique recruiter link and creates a complete ATN talent profile (including at least one profile photo) by December 31st 2020
  • The referral must be selected, booked, and complete their first event job by December 31st 2022. Please note, bookings are NOT guaranteed. Your referral payment is issued for the first event job they work ONLY.
  • The referral must complete all scheduled shifts that he/she agrees to work and must satisfy job performance requirements and expectations (this includes behavior, professionalism, punctuality, and adhering to directions and instructions that are given on site.)
  • You and your referral must remain in good standing with ATN.  Your profiles must be active, and not flagged or removed due to performance issues or misconduct for the duration of your participation in the referral program.  Failure to comply will result in your termination from the referral program.


  • Booking is NOT guaranteed for referrals.  Bookings are based on client needs, requirements, and real-time scheduling. If your referral does not sign up by December 31st 2020 and work an event by December 31st 2022, you will not receive payout for that referral.
  • All candidates who register using your provided link will be tracked within our system and have your name noted as the referring rep. Referrals who do not register under your unique link DO NOT count as your referral and no payment will be issued.
  • A referral payment of $25.00 (or more depending on event need) is awarded to you for the FIRST time your referral works (one time only).
  • Your referral’s first event job must occur by December 31st 2022 in order for you to receive payout for that referral.
  • Once your referral completes their first job and both of you meet the terms outlined above, payment will be issued.
  • You must remain in good standing with ATN while referring candidates. You will not receive payouts on any referrals if your profile is flagged or removed due to performance issues or misconduct.
  • Payments are made monthly (date may vary).
  • Payment will be awarded via PayPal to the email address listed in your ATN profile.  If you do not have a PayPal account, please set one up prior to joining the referral program.
  • Your referral link is valid for the duration of 2020 and expires on December 31st 2020 – you may submit a request for renewal.
  • Referral links are subject cancellation at any time – if your profile is in good standing payout will be made for referrals who applied (and met the terms and conditions) before notice is given will still be eligible.

Ready to Get Started? 

If you are interested in being a part of ATN’s referral program, sign-up today!


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