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Refer a friend and earn money! It’s that simple.

ATN is always looking for brand ambassadors to join our team, and who is more fitting than those referred by our current (and amazing) brand ambassadors?!   

If anyone has ever asked, “How do I get a job doing what you do?” – this is your chance to help them and ATN, all while making a little money for yourself, too! It’s a win-win-win!  

Why Participate?  

  • Earn a $25.00 Bonus for EACH referral: Earn $25.00 for each referral when they work their first ATN event.
  • Unlimited Referrals and Bonuses: There’s no limit – refer as many candidates as you want.  
  • Virtual Sharing: Spread the word through text, calls, email, or social media. 
  • Easy Earnings: Submit your referral’s name and email using the form below – we will take care of the rest. 
  • Nationwide Referrals: You’re free to refer candidates from anywhere in the US and Canada. 

How the Referral Program Works:   

*A referral is a person you are recommending to ATN.  

  • Active ATN Staff Profile: You must have an active ATN profile to participate. 
  • Submit Form: Fill out the referral form with your referral’s contact information and yours. Once the form is submitted, we will contact your referral with registration information.  
  • Referral Profile Creation: Your referral must complete their ATN profile within seven days of your form submission. 
  • Referral Job Opportunities:  Once your referral completes the profile registration process, we will notify them of any relevant job opportunities. Please note that registration and notifications do not guarantee a booking. 
  • Event Completion: Your $25 bonus will be processed if your referral successfully completes their first event job.

How to Earn the Referral Bonus:  

Referral bonuses are issued when the following conditions are met:  

  • Referral is new to ATN (no current or old profiles). 
  • You submit the referral form in full with the proper information before your referral creates an ATN talent profile. 
  • Referral completes a staff profile in its entirety within seven days of your form submission.  
  • Bonus is based on the referral being booked and successfully working on their first event with ATN. 
  • Referral must complete all scheduled shift(s) and meet job performance requirements and expectations. 
  • Your and your referral’s ATN profiles are active and in good standing:  
    • ATN will deny referral payment if either profile is flagged or removed due to performance issues or misconduct at any time before the referral bonus is processed, which will also result in disqualification from participation in the referral program. 
    • Profile flagging and profile suspension occur when staff do not fulfill or meet the professional obligations, requirements, and expectations outlined by ATN. This includes but is not limited to tardiness, unprofessional behavior, unexplained cancellations, early departure from shifts without notice, or engaging in problematic interactions with staff, clients, or guests.  
    • Assessments of performance issues or misconduct, flagging, and profile removal are at the discretion of ATN’s internal team.   

Additional Details:  

  • Bonus is issued to the referrer only; no mutual or self-referrals are allowed.  
  • Agents, other agencies, or organization representatives are not eligible.  
  • Bonus is awarded one time for each referral. 
  • Referral bonus is not applicable for backup positions unless the backup works the entire event. 
  • Referral payments are typically issued within 30-45 business days from the date your referral receives payment for their first event but may take longer. 
  • Referral bonuses may be paid out separately from your event payment. 
  • Bonus payments may be delayed if your referral does not complete and submit their payroll paperwork for the event they work.  

Ready to Get Started? 

If you are interested in being a part of ATN’s referral program, submit your referral today!


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