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From human resources to payroll to talent tips, check out our talent FAQs for answers to all of your burning questions.

Registration and Application FAQ

How do I register?

To receive job announcements, you will need to create an ATN Talent Profile in the ATN Event Staffing Talent Portal. Once you have completed your application, you will receive job announcements for events in your selected area(s) based on your skills, qualifications and the client’s needs.

What do I need to create my talent profile?

Think of your talent profile as your real-time resume. Your profile will be the first thing our staffing managers look at when they are considering candidates. A current and complete profile will greatly increase your chances of working events for ATN.  To complete your talent profile, please do the following:

  • Fill out all form fields on the application. Always use your legal name, no stage names or nicknames, please. Your name cannot be changed once your profile is active.
  • You will need to upload your resume. Your resume should list all of your promotional experience. If you are new to the industry, you can list any relevant experience that you have such as retail, restaurant, or hospitality positions – any type of customer service/customer- facing experience is preferred.
  • You will need to include 3 recent photos of yourself – photos must include at least one head shot and one full-length photo. If you have a photo of yourself working an event, please upload that as well. Photos do not have to be professional, in fact, we prefer candid photos that show the real you. Please be mindful of the photos you submit – dress appropriately, smile, no groups shots, and no selfies. Please do not add any type of filter or graphics to your profile photo.

Can I update my photos and resume at any time?

Yes. We encourage you to update your profile every 2-3 months. You may login to your profile at any time and make updates.

On the application, why are there questions about my appearance and sizing?

The appearance section of the profile is only applicable to promo model, model, and costume/mascot bookings. The sizing section of the form is for uniform purposes (typically a branded shirt will be provided by the client).

I have created a profile with ATN, now what?

  • Based on your qualifications, skills and individual client needs, you will receive job announcements for any events that you qualify for in your selected area(s).
    o If you are interested and available for an event, you will click “I’m interested,” however this does NOT book you for the event.
  • If your skills and qualifications match our client’s needs, an account manager will reach out to you for a phone interview. A phone interview is required for each event that you work.
  • If selected to work, you will receive a preliminary booking agreement from the assigned staffing manager.
  • Once you have completed and submitted your preliminary booking agreement, you will be added into a shift. You will receive an email from Paycom (our payroll company) with your new hire welcome packet (new-hires only). You will need to complete all necessary paperwork PRIOR to working an event.
  • A final details email will be sent with all of the event information that you need prior to your event, including your shift details, attire, training materials, parking information and onsite contact. Please read this email thoroughly and reach out to your staffing manager with any questions prior to working.

I always apply but never get a reply. Why?

Most clients request staff with specific skills and we honor those requests by booking staff accordingly. Additionally, events can fill up quickly and some markets are more competitive than others. Keep your information current on your talent profile, update your photos and resume often, and apply as quickly as possible. We understand the process can be frustrating but don’t get discouraged. Due to our daily workload, we cannot respond to every applicant with a decision.

How do you choose who works an event?

There are many variables that we consider when reviewing applicants but meeting our client’s needs and expectations are our top priority. With that said, we look at an applicant’s relevant experience as it relates to the event, qualifications, and availability. But, the biggest factor is the applicant’s personality during the phone interview.

Paperwork and Payment FAQ

Who will be issuing my payment?

ATN Event Staffing will process and issue your payment.

When will I receive payment for an event I worked?

Payments are processed within 14 business days of working an event. Please note that “business days” do not include weekends, holidays, or mailing time. To ensure that your payment is processed within this time frame, you must submit expenses, check-in, and check-out information within 24 hours of your event. Failure to do so may result in delayed payment. If you have incomplete or missing new hire paperwork, you will not be paid until that is complete.

Do you pay for mileage, travel, or hotel accommodations?

No. On rare occasions, these expenses may be covered, but that will be communicated prior to your booking.

Do I get paid for breaks?

Typically breaks are paid, however, in some cases, they are unpaid. It’s best to check with your account manager prior to working.

It has been 14 days and I have not received payment, what should I do?

Keep in mind that if you have elected to have your payment mailed, you must take into account USPS mailing times which can vary. If it has been 3 weeks and you have not received payment, please click here to contact our payroll department and provide detailed information including your name, program name, and program dates. To expedite the process, please attach a photo of you onsite along with the time sheet from the event, to help us verify that you worked the event.

Who do I contact if I have an issue with my paycheck?

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our payroll department.

I need to update my mailing address.

You will need to update your mailing address on your ATN profile AND in your Paycom Payroll profile.  Failure to provide your current address will result in payment delays if you have opted to have your payment mailed AND may result in you not receiving job announcements for your area.

General FAQs

I am booked for an event, what time should I arrive?

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled shift time. This gives you time to meet the onsite contact, other team members, and get your branded shirt or uniform. Always allow plenty of time for detours, traffic, parking issues, etc. If you are late to an event, you run the risk of being replaced.

I have been booked for an event, what do I wear?

Your staffing manager will provide you with uniform requirements prior to your event. You must follow the dress code instructions exactly as stated. Failure to do so can result in dismissal from the event, without pay.

  • Do not wear yoga/workout pants or shorts, leggings, or tights (unless specified).
  • Shorts should be an appropriate length.
  • Do not over accessorize.
  • Keep hair and makeup natural.
  • Cover any visible tattoos and remove any piercings other than simple earrings.

Do I need to turn in a timesheet?

You will sign in and out onsite with the lead brand ambassador or onsite manager. We strongly recommend taking a picture of the time sheet for your own records. After the event, you will complete a digital time sheet on your ATN staff dashboard.

I was told I need to take 2-3 photos at my event but I was also told that no phones are allowed

Please take a check-in selfie when you arrive onsite, and a group picture with the team at the end of your shift.

Can my friend work?

We are always open to referrals and even have a referral program that can earn you cash! However, to be considered, individuals must first create a talent profile for review.

What is the difference between an onsite backup and on-call backup?

  • An onsite backup arrives ONSITE at the start time of the event and is used for the full shift in the event that a brand ambassador cannot make their shift/ is excessively late.
  • An on-call backup does not need to report onsite, but they need to call the account manager at the start time to see if they’re needed. They need to be onsite within 45 minutes.

What is a lead brand ambassador?

A lead brand ambassador is designated to manage check-ins and check-outs of team members, time sheets, and reporting to the ATN Account Manager.

How can I get consistent work with ATN?

Getting consistent work is all up to you. Let your best light shine. Here are a few tips for getting consistent work:

  • Always be professional and bring energy, enthusiasm, and smiles to your event.
  • Be willing to work various types of events, not just the highest paying ones.
  • Arrive early and in the correct uniform.
  • Always be proactive.


ATN is the first staffing agency I ever worked for as a Brand Ambassador back in 2013 and my experience working with them was so amazing! I’ve met so many amazing, talented people through my ATN jobs, and have gotten to experience some pretty cool stuff. It’s thanks to ATN that I discovered and stuck to this amazing line of work!

— Leanett R.