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Our Team

Our internal team has over 200 years of experience in the experiential marketing and event staffing industries. This allows us to fully grasp every aspect of our clients’ programs and their staffing needs – the whole 360-degree view – and the challenges that our clients may face.

Josef Meyer

Founder and President

Joey is a California kid born and raised. He moved to Chicago (and returned to the LA area years later) where he founded ATN Event Staffing after learning the ropes at ASAP Models (later to be purchased by ATN).  Joey is a hands-on leader who has conceived and implemented ATN’s innovative online staffing production-tools and communication protocols.  ATN’s staffing protocols are the most stringent in the industry; and our proprietary production-tools keep the ATN Account Managers on schedule, and affords the Executive Team the essential 10,000 foot view of all projects and team members

Joey loves spending time with his wife, son and daughter. He enjoys, traveling, golfing, good food and drinks with great friends, seeing live music of all kinds, and being a monster sports fan.

Sirius XM Radio fiend: Jam_ON, Pearl Jam Radio, Beatles Channel, Grateful Dead Channel & Tom Petty Radio

Brendan Locker

VP of Operations

Brendan and ATN have been working together in a variety of ever-evolving capacities since 2003. During Brendan’s early years of onsite management, touring, and regional staffing, ATN stood out as an industry leader. And ATN continued to impress Brendan when he (later) became an ATN client (for 7 years). In his current role as ATN’s VP of Operations, Brendan utilizes his 20+ years of onsite execution, event management, and production skills to strengthen ATN’s core capabilities and ensure stellar execution for our clients.

A disc jockey through and through, Brendan’s musical tastes run the gamut (….Hip-Hop, Classic Rock, Americana, House, Reggae, Jazz, Funk, Soul, Bluegrass, Indy Rock & Outlaw Country… ).  He’ll surely need to mute his studio speakers before taking your call, but know that he is always excited to share what’s in that day’s rotation, if so inclined!

Blake Herder

VP of Sales

Blake worked a few events as a brand ambassador during college in Las Vegas and quickly realized he wanted to go all-in on experiential marketing.  In 2004, he began his touring career with PlayStation, and it wasn’t until 2010 when he and his wife (also a tour manager) decided to turn in their tour luggage for a more “normal” life in Michigan.  There’s nothing normal about Blake or this industry though!  He then went on to oversee event operations at an agency where he was a happy client of ATN Event Staffing for over 6 years. He joined ATN in 2016 and leads the sales and client services team as the VP of Sales.

Blake and his wife Kelley have two wonderful kids (Ella, 10, and Mason, 7) and are often found at a swim meet or on the golf course.

Favorite Food:  Pizza, Chinese, Thai Food

Dream Vacation:  Going to The Masters in Augusta, GA

Current Playlist:  I’ve been converted to Country music

Namrata Patel

Client Relations Director

Namrata’s career journey started in education, where she served the needs of high school students for 11 years as a teacher and administrator. She made a career change and joined the events industry in 2017. Namrata comes to the ATN team as a former client in the events space utilizing ATN’s support in securing over 23,000 brand ambassadors in one calendar year. She has seen firsthand the success of ATN’s staffing solution! 

In her free time, she’s often spending time with her husband, two little girls, and her sheepadoodle. 

Three truths (and no lies) about Namrata: 

  • She loves to read and can read anywhere from 20 to 50 books in one year. 
  • She loves all forms of physical activity, from running and biking to Crossfitting. 
  • The only country she would visit over and over again is….Italy! She loves all the pasta. 

Shannon Moore

Recruiting Director

Having occupied various industry roles since 2003 (brand ambassador, tour manager, production coordinator, and events photographer), Shannon brings a rare combination of in-field expertise and office knowledge to experiential marketing campaigns.  She joined the ATN team on a full-time basis in 2012 after having partnered for many years with such influential companies such as Jack Morton and MKTG.  Shannon is adept at honing in on the ideal talent to staff promotional events.

When she’s not intently exploring all recruiting avenues known to humankind, Shannon is bumming around with her lively 10 and 8-year-old daughters, training for and running ultra-distance trail races, taking photos or napping – sometimes all at once.

Favorite Food: Veggie Nachos

Dream Vacation: Pacific Northwest road trip with her daughters (in a conversion van)

Current Playlist: Podcasts of the comedian variety, Aesop Rock, Bjork, Deep Sea Diver, Fugazi, and KEXP.

Lisa Major

Marketing Director

Lisa is a seasoned event marketing veteran with 20+ years of industry experience. Like many of ATN’s internal employees, she started out in the field, working as a brand ambassador.  In 2002, she began her career in the event staffing industry, which has spanned many roles, including account manager, recruitment manager, talent relations manager, and social media manager.  As ATN’s Marketing Director, Lisa is responsible for developing and implementing ATN’s marketing strategies aimed at business development, including content and social media marketing, website design and development, and corporate communications.

Lisa is passionate about all animals, marine conservation, and chocolate.  She has an adventurous spirit and loves spending time with her family and traveling.  Her favorite place to be is in the great outdoors, where you can often find her boating, hiking, kayaking, or paddleboarding.

Favorite Food:  Tacos

Dream Vacation:  Maldives

Current Playlist:  Zach Bryan, Tyler Childers, Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats, Chris Stapleton


Gair Marking

Staffing Manager

Gair was spawned in a galaxy far far away and no one is quite sure how he ended up in human form on Philadelphia soil. Nonetheless this enigmatic creature has thrived, utilizing his passion and detail-oriented work ethic in all aspects of event execution and production. From tour manager to producer to DJ/Emcee to staffing, Gair will deliver otherworldly excellence. Furthering his drive to be well rounded and accomplished, Gair has recently relocated to Los Angeles where he continues to kill the game in the experiential marketing and event staffing arena.

Jessica Torres

Senior Staffing Manager

Jessica is a marketing veteran with 20+ years of experience in the experiential and event marketing industry. She started out as a brand ambassador and has also managed regional and nationwide tours since 2001, including events with over 100 local staff.  Jessica truly knows what it takes to exceed expectations and she works diligently to ensure that her client’s programs execute flawlessly.

Jessica first joined ATN’s internal team as an account manager in 2002.  The road was calling her name though and she returned to tour life after two years at ATN.  A few years later, she rejoined ATN, but this time as the office manager.  Fast forward a couple of years, and Jessica returned to her original position as an account manager.

In her free time, Jessica enjoys catching up on her television shows, exploring Chicago’s diverse dining, catching a sporting event, and planning for the next adventure with her family and friends. She is a dog lover and has a 13 yr old Chow-chow/Husky mix.

Favorite Food: Tacos and Sushi

Dream Vacation: A month off in the summer

Current Playlist: Playlist is always rotating through genres.  The list includes Hip-hop (mainly old school) Latin, Pop, R&B, Disco and House.

Marcus Bell-Winston

Staffing Manager

Marcus Bell-Winston

Marcus comes to ATN with an incredible background in experiential marketing and a plethora of field experience.  For the past fourteen years (and counting), he has managed and worked hundreds of events, coast to coast, for some of the most recognized brands in the world.  Marcus has seen it and done it all, from brand ambassador to tour manager, and has had the opportunity to work at some of the country’s hottest events.  His stellar resume includes the Super Bowl, NCAA Final Four, MLB All-Star Game, the Stanley CUP, PGA Tour, SXSW, ACL, Comic-Con International, CES, E3, NAB, PAX, NAIAS – just to name a few.  Marcus brings a wealth of knowledge to ATN with his extensive background, which not only benefits ATN but our clients, too.

Marcus is married to his beautiful wife, Sarah, of 11 years. They have three children. Marcus lives in the greatest city in the USA: Austin, TX!  When Marcus isn’t busy being an experiential Swiss Army knife, he enjoys spending time with his family and dogs, going to church, reading, watching Netflix, listening to Spotify, playing sports, and cheering on his San Francisco 49ers!!!

Favorite Food: Chicken Wings (from Pluckers), Pork Chops, and Hot Cheetos!!!

Dream Vacation: Anywhere in the world he hasn’t yet been.

Current Playlist: Christian Hip-Hop, Contemporary Christian and Gospel, and Movie Soundtracks.

Jessica Wilson

Staffing Manager

Jessica is an accomplished event manager and has worked in the industry for over 10 years. Prior to that, she worked in the hospitality industry as a front-of-house manager and banquet coordinator. While working at the Four Seasons Hotel, Jessica realized her dream career was to work in events, and so, she pursued furthering her education to become a certified Event Manager.

Over the years, Jessica has executed events of all sizes, including weddings, concerts, promotional events, and conferences. Her gifts of organization, attention to detail, and ability to think on her toes while remaining calm and helpful has earned her quite the reputation amongst clients and vendors.

Jessica first joined ATN Event Staffing as a brand ambassador, working for many high-profile clients, and her dedication and drive quickly earned her a spot on a mobile tour team. Shortly after the tour’s completion, she joined the internal team as an account coordinator and now proudly serves as an account manager.  She loves executing successful events for ATN’s clients while staffing the best and most qualified individuals for each event.

When she is not working, Jessica loves to travel and explore different countries and cultures. A creative at heart, she enjoys painting and crafting too. She is also passionate about sustainability practices and has lived a plant-based lifestyle for the last 8 years.

Favorite Food: Thai and Indian food

Dream Vacation: Maldives, Greece, Bali, anywhere there is crystal clear water, white sand beaches, and stunning landscapes.

Current Playlist: Psychology/personal development podcasts and all things 90s music!

Hugo Torres

Staffing Manager

Hugo has been working in the event marketing industry for over a decade, including ten years with ATN.  Hugo got his start as a brand ambassador in 2007 and has also worked as an assistant tour manager, field manager, and production manager.  Like others at ATN, Hugo brings a combination of knowledge and in-field expertise to the marketing campaigns that he oversees.

When he’s not in the office, Hugo enjoys spending time with his family and going out to explore new adventures, taking naps, enjoying food, and building endless memories together.

Favorite Food: Hamburger (With Blue Cheese)

Dream Vacation: To go around the world in 80 days!

Current Playlist: Hip Hop, House, Old school rock, Jazz, Latin, R&B, Disco grooves

Nicole Lauff

Staffing Manager

Nicole comes to ATN with over a decade of brand ambassador experience and years in account management. She transitioned full-time into the event staffing industry six years ago and hasn’t looked back. Nicole demonstrates her commitment to ATN’s clients by consistently going the extra mile for them and striving for success.  She enjoys working with ATN’s field teams to bring life to any event!

When Nicole isn’t working hard behind the screen, you can find her chasing another PR on her Peloton, catching up on the latest Netflix binge, or tuned into the sports world. If you want to talk smack about sports, she is always ready!

Favorite Food: Pizza (a side of ranch is key)

Dream Vacation: Bora Bora

Current Playlist: Can’t go wrong with Jock Jams


Nikki Poles

Staffing Coordinator

Nikki Poles_ATN Event Staffing
Nikki Poles_ATN Event Staffing

With 10+ years of brand ambassador and field management experience under her belt, Nikki comes to ATN with a wealth of knowledge and detail-oriented dedication. She strives when thrown in the fire and always comes out on top.

After being born in Trinidad and living in New Jersey and New York, Nikki has made the Los Angeles area her home base for the last handful of years and loves it! When not immersed in the events world, Nikki enjoys exploring beaches, traveling with her family, and feeding her foodie desires. She’s got a knack for custom handmade men’s accessories, and she was once known as Miss Teen Philadelphia. Her favorite things outside of her family are flowers – tons of flowers – and the ocean. Where the waves hit the sand that rests beneath her toe tips…that’s truly her happy place. Her sense of humor isn’t bad either!

Nikki Nickerson

Staffing Coordinator

Nikki Nickerson ATN Event Staffing

Nikki stumbled on the experiential marketing industry after leaving a demanding corporate job and the corporate world behind to focus on her passions and intentionally create a life of balance. During this time of reflection, she found that she loved working events, and from there, she spent six years working as an experiential marketing field manager.

Over the past decade, Nikki has made the journey from success to significance, learning to let go of titles and develop a gratitude practice that informs and impacts her life and the life of those around her. She has shifted to a more intentional mindset and learned to use the gift of challenges to continue to grow her gratitude practice. Nikki is often affectionately referred to as “the Light Coach” or “the Gratitude Guru” and is sought out as a mentor and a speaker for openly sharing her personal experiences, her insights on energy and gratitude, being a breast cancer warrior, and her decision to focus on a life of significance over success.

Dream Vacation: Bali

Favorite Food: Very picky without a favorite food. It depends on the day

Current Playlist: I Am Enough Radio on Spotify


Kelly Mayer

Staffing Coordinator

Kelly has a diverse background in marketing, previously working as a graphic designer, art director, and trade show designer. Kelly got her start in experiential marketing working as a brand ambassador; ironically, ATN hired her for her very first event. She immediately fell in love with the industry and made a full-time career out of it. Kelly’s field experience spans many roles, including that of a brand ambassador, team lead, and event manager. Kelly joined ATN full-time in 2022 as a staffing coordinator and enjoys working on this side of the industry. She strives to be successful in all that she does. 

Kelly is originally from Chicago and resides in Denver. When Kelly is not working, she loves being outdoors and enjoys hiking, kayaking, snowboarding, camping, sporting events, concerts, and traveling to new places. The mountains are always calling her. Her companion, “Wrigley the Dog,” is always by her side on her adventures. Kelly has a huge heart for all animals and would save them all if she could.

Favorite Foods: Street tacos or Italian

Dream Vacation: To see the Northern Lights and Thailand 

Current Playlist: Country, Rap, R&B, Hip Hop, House, 90’s Music

Diana Gonazalez


Diana comes to ATN with a background of over ten years of project management and operational experience. She joined our team in 2022 and comes to ATN with a wealth of knowledge and a detail-oriented work ethic.

When she’s not working, Diana enjoys spending time with family, traveling, working on DIY projects, and is always up for a cup of coffee (coffee is a must).

Favorite Food:  Pizza and Tacos

Dream Vacation: Travel around the world for a year

Current Playlist:  Latin, R&B, and true crime podcasts

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