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Brand Ambassador of the Month: February 2020

Brand Ambassador of the Month:  February 2020

Victoria:  Miami, FL

Victoria’s willingness to jump in last minute and accept back-up roles makes her a true team player. As a brand ambassador, lead and manager Victoria has been outstanding. With a superb work ethic and positive attitude, Victoria goes above and beyond on every event job she is assigned. Victoria is a standout employee and we are grateful to have her on our team.”

– ATN Account Management Team


ATN Brand Ambassador of the Month: Victoria, Miami, FL

Q & A:

Join us in giving a shout out to ATN’s Brand Ambassador of the Month, Victoria!  Victoria is a seasoned brand ambassador in Miami, FL and has assisted with many of our experiential campaigns and brand activations in the South Florida region.

Check out this awesome Q&A with Victoria!

Where are do you live?

I was born in Russia and now live in Miami Beach, FL 

How long have you worked in the experiential marketing industry and how did you get your start as a brand ambassador?

It’s my 4th year in the experiential industry. I started with automotive events, sports marketing promotions, fashion events, and trade shows. 

What do you love most about being a brand ambassador?

I like that at each event I get to learn about new products and promote them.  Also, having the opportunity not only to interact with a brand, but also to make new acquaintances and exchange knowledge and experiences is amazing.  I enjoy meeting happy, kind, and optimistic people on the job, and also learning of interesting product innovations. I also love having a flexible schedule and travel opportunities.

Which ATN event has been your most favorite to work and why?

My favorite ATN events that I worked on recently  include:

  • RISE Conference (Rachel Hollis):  I met motivational speakers at this conference who help people to believe in themselves and know that everything depends on us, our thoughts and goals, and the people influencing us.
  • Lipton at the Super Bowl:  At this event, several football players were interviewed and shared their stories, telling about their career path in sports.

If you could give any advice to a new brand ambassador, what would it be?

Be proactive, punctual, and always ready to learn. With positive energy and thoughts, any event can be successful and fun. 

When you’re not busy working as a brand ambassador, what do you like to do?
  • I spend my time riding and running in marathons, ice skating, reading books,  and traveling.
  • I have been and still am a dancer since I was 5 years old ( ballroom, jazz-funk, Russian folk, hip hop, etc). 
  • I’m a big wild animal lover; I own two wolves. My soul is in deep synergy with wolves. These activities bring me fulfillment and I am able to use this passion in many aspects of my life.

If you could travel anywhere in the world to work an event, where would it be?

I would travel to any part of the world just to broaden my experience and knowledge of my position.  I would especially love to visit Africa, Australia, and South America.

Each month, ATN recognizes one outstanding brand ambassador that worked with during the previous month by awarding them the title of “Brand Ambassador of the Month” and an Amazon gift card!  To learn more about what it takes to be a rock star brand ambassador, check out these tips!

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