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How to Land a Field Marketing Management Position

How can an experienced brand ambassador (BA) land a field marketing management position?

I held a Q & A with ATN’s top account managers, the humans behind the curtain who vet and book our event staff, to get their thoughts. By applying the insights shared below you will be well on your way to managing your first experiential marketing event!

Field Marketing Management

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Q – What would it take for you to consider a brand ambassador who has no management experience for a management role?

A – As a seasoned brand ambassador you need to prove yourself at each event. Show initiative, follow instructions and be a team player. Help others, be prompt, well-spoken, and most of all, be professional and trustworthy. A brand ambassador who has wowed us time and again or one that has a referral from a current manager is more likely to be up for consideration.

Additionally, skills gained in other fields can transfer to event marketing. Were you a retail sales manager? An assistant manager at a coffee shop? Project coordinator in cubicle-filled office? Be sure to mention any relevant experience that you have to the hiring manager. You’ll also want to include that experience in your agency profile, your resume, and in your cover letter.

Q – Would you consider hiring an experienced brand ambassador to manage an event if they didn’t have any management experience?

A – Yes. Experienced brand ambassadors can definitely manage smaller, less complex events. Also, if the event has multiple leads or managers on-site that have experience, we would consider a seasoned BA to take on a lead role. You have to prove yourself to us to show us you have what it takes to be a manager.

Q – What is a “lead brand ambassador” and what factors do you take into consideration when hiring a lead BA?

A – A lead brand ambassador serves as the eyes and ears in the field for the event staffing company. Lead BAs will perform the same tasks as other brand ambassadors but will have extra responsibilities.  Things like timesheet management and submission, delegating breaks, taking photos, and recaps are common. While a lead BA and a field marketing manager differ, a lead role is the best stepping-stone in snagging your first field management position.

A professional and reliable brand ambassador will have access to plenty of lead BA positions. You can speed up the process by always showing up early for events, being proactive, and by being a strong communicator. Responding quickly and professionally to staffing agencies, clients, and other brand ambassadors proves to us that you handle the position and any problems that may arise.

Q- What advice would you give to a seasoned brand ambassador who is interested in a field marketing management position?

A –

  • Apply for and take as many lead BA positions and/or assistant manager positions that come your way. And update your resume often to include those roles.
  • Branch out of your comfort zone and get a wide variety of event experience on your resume. Work as a costume character, as part of a street team, as a demonstrator, on a flyering team, Etc. This proves to us that you are well-versed and that you haven’t limited yourself to the most glamorous, or highest paying events.
  • Be able to provide references from previous employers and event staffing companies.
  • Work hard to impress onsite managers, fellow brand ambassadors, clients, and agencies. And request references.
  • Keep going and show initiative but also know when to sit back, and to watch and learn, Don’t try to control or fix everything. Know what your strengths are so you can shine.
  • Ask lead brand ambassadors, event managers, and account managers for recommendations and advice! We’ve had quite a few brand ambassadors turn into great leads by asking what’s next and if they’re ready.
  • Gain experience by watching and learning from other team leads.
  • Ask to take on more responsibilities.  And don’t leave the event without asking if there is anything else you can do to help

Q – Is there else you’d like to add that would be helpful for a brand ambassador to transition to a managerial role?

A – Have patience, be consistent, and never let your staffing agency (employer) down. It may take years for you to land your first management job, but landing that first one is the hardest.

Good luck out there and grab that golden ring!

ATN is always here to help you grow as a brand ambassador, as a team leader, and in management roles. If you ever have any questions or need advice, don’t hesitate to reach out! Also, check out our event staffing blog! We have many posts that contain great tips on how you can reach your goals in the experiential marketing industry!

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