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Motivational Tips for Brand Ambassadors

Brand ambassador shifts tend to run opposite and far longer than those of traditional business hours.

Motivational Tips for Brand Ambassadors

On top of the long hours, brand ambassadors are tasked with being outgoing, energetic and engaging while restating the same thing no less than a bazillion times. These repetitive and emotionally laboring tasks can easily send any human into an unmotivated state.

Stacking event jobs back-to-back, working 10+ hour shifts, all while trying to keep a smile on your face can be a massive challenge, but to make a career out of being a brand ambassador, it is a requirement.

It’s no coincidence that those who work on the front lines in experiential marketing suffer a high employee burnout rate.  Event work is challenging, and it can be mentally and physically draining which can affect life outside of work.

9 Tips to Stay Motivated as a Brand Ambassador


Anyone who has worked for a decent length of time as a brand ambassador knows how you feel.  Lack of motivation does not mean you are “lazy” it means you care a lot about what you do resulting in an unbalanced work/life situation.  Take a step back and figure out what you need to do to better your work/life balance.

Make Friends 

Open yourself up to making some new work friends. A huge upside to brand ambassador work is you get to meet new people every day. If you “click” with a teammate, consider exchanging numbers. Having friends who you can talk to that are in the same situation is immensely helpful in relieving the pressure of being a brand ambassador.

Create a List 

Take a few minutes and make a list of specific reasons why you work as a brand ambassador and why your work makes you happy. Consult and edit the list regularly to be reminded of the end goal.


Decide how many hours you can reasonably work and the types of events that you prefer to work. It’s ok to say “no” to a job based on your personal criteria,


Set up targeted rewards to look forward to. It could be a small gift to yourself or scheduling some hang time with your friends. Making these rewards establishes a mental home base to look to during a chaotic workday.

Stop Thinking

During an arduous event, stop thinking and start paying attention to the people you are talking to. Having a real human connection (even in the most simplistic form)  can energize you.

Job Perks 

Leverage the perks of your job. For example, if you see an event job that is in a cool city, ask the agency rep if you and your brand ambassador friends can apply as a team. Splitting the cost of travel and staying to hang out post-event can be a super fun treat at the end of a long weekend.

No Expectations 

Understand that work is not always enjoyable. Brand ambassador work tends to be super fun most of the time which sets up natural expectations. When you are working a less-than-favorite job, consciously recall the cool events you have previously worked.

Wherever You Go, Your Attitude Follows

The attitude you bring to your work dictates the flow of the day. Don’t hang around or engage in negative talk. Complaining only drags us down and keeps us stuck. When you feel overwhelmed or frustrated, try to focus on the all of the good things about the job to reset your motivation.

Every job has its ups and downs, including brand ambassador work. If you are feeling completely exhausted and overwhelmed, look at your calendar and plan some downtime and don’t accept any jobs during that time.  Take a couple of days to recharge each month, this will do wonders for you both personally and professionally.

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