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New Year’s Resolutions: 8 Ideas For Brand Ambassadors to Consider

The key to creating a realistic New Year’s resolution that works is to simplify.

Embracing the angle of “progress over perfection” gives us leeway to begin the process without the pressure of having to do everything exactly right. Small changes add up to results that can have a big impact.

Creating a New Year’s resolution list helps develop a mindset that gives you the direction to reach a specific, tangible goal. Having an intention and applying a positive mental attitude is a great starting point but useless without action. You have a lot of control and power in creating the work-life you desire and a little bit of actionable task work will help set you on the path to your dream gigs!

As a Brand Ambassador, What Are Your Goals in the New Year?

Your resolutions could be anything from “I will strive to work more events this year” to “I will try out a new role.”  Having a goal is highly personal and often jumps out at us as we approach the new year. Writing down what you want your ideal workday to look like is an awesome practice to help define the specific resolutions you want to make for the coming year. Regardless of your goals, there are small actions that brand ambassadors can take to get started on making big changes. Even if you do not have a specific resolution, the new year signifies a fresh start to taking action to improve all areas of your life, including your work as a brand ambassador.

New Year’s Resolutions: 8 Ideas For Brand Ambassadors to Consider

1. Brush up on your people skills.

Learn more about social interaction and communication in today’s society, and brush up on your people skills by researching articles online.  This task takes little time and certain key points will resonate with you and you can begin applying those skills when interacting and communicating with consumers.  (time commitment:  30 minutes)

2.  Get new headshots

This is actually easier than it sounds.  Grab a friend who is willing and excited to play photographer for a few hours. Prep yourself to be photo-ready and go on a small adventure – explore a part of your local city, park or nature area. Making an experience out of a photoshoot with a good friend in tow will result in great photos! Being comfortable and at ease with your photographer in the midst of a fun time will result in natural headshots with personality shining through. (time commitment: 1 – 2 hours)

3. Update your resume.

Update your resume – this doesn’t mean you have to do a complete overhaul and design. By making this a big project you likely will put it off and avoid it. Start by simply updating the experience section with the most recent jobs you’ve worked. Once this is done you may feel inspired to do more but go in knowing you have only one task to complete. (time commitment: 30 minutes)

4. Update your event staffing agency profiles

Now that you have your headshot and resume updated the hard work is done. Log in to all your existing profiles and update with your new photos, resume and experience. (time commitment: 1 – 2 hours)

5. Create profiles with event staffing agencies that you are not registered with.

Do a little research and set up talent profiles with any staffing agencies you have yet to work with. (time commitment: 1 – 2 hours)

6. Follow up with agencies that you have worked with in the past.

Email your updated headshots, resume, any other pertinent information and a brief/friendly note to account managers you have previously worked with .  Be sure to personalize the email by including the agency representative’s name and reference an event that you worked with them on to jog their memory. (time commitment: 1 – 2 hours)

7. Network with other brand ambassadors.

Networking can go a long way.  Text, email or message fellow brand ambassadors you may have connected with in the past to say check-in and say hello.  In doing so, you’ll be on their radar if and when an opportunity arises for the two of you to work together.  (time commitment: 30 minutes)

8. Manifest, manifest, manifest.

Write a list of events that you would love to work and don’t hold back – the sky is the limit. Think BIG on this one. If you are going to work events why not aim for those you feel truly drawn to?  Visit and update this list regularly, especially at times when you are feeling overworked or tired of the normal grind. (time commitment: 15 – 30 minutes)

Looking at what you want your year to look like can be scary and overwhelming. Taking small actions is effective and helpful in achieving your ultimate work-life goals. Cheers to you in 2020 and happy promoting!

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