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Promotional Event Photos: Tips and Considerations

Most event staffing agencies can agree that one of the things that we look forward to the most is seeing all of the fun photos and videos after a promotional event.

Since we can’t physically be at every event to take photos, it’s important that our staff capture great, high-quality photos, not only for us but also for our clients.  Below, we’ll take a look at a few considerations and tips to ensure you capture photos that both staffing agencies and clients love.

Promotional Event Photos: Tips and Considerations

1. Have your phone charged and ready.

You never know when the opportunity to get a great consumer interaction shot might happen, so keep your phone handy so you can document the moment quickly.  Just be sure to keep your phone in your pocket when your not snapping photos and use it for capturing event photos and nothing else.

2. Quality over quantity.

We want quality shots over a lot of poor images, so put some effort into capturing amazing photos.

3. Be mindful of the promotional team’s appearance.  

Before taking photos, make sure that the staff has a neat and tidy appearance – shirts tucked in, shoelaces tied, hair in place, ETC.

3.  Say cheese.

Smiles are contagious.  When taking photos, make sure the staff is smiling.  Happy staff = happy consumers = happy client.

promotional event photos tips

5.  Mix it up.

Take a wide variety of photos and videos that include group shots of the promotional team, activation/footprint photos, consumer interaction shots, and so forth.  You’ll also want to aim for both candid photos and posed photos.

Tip:  Photos of event staff interacting with consumers are great.  Just make sure they are in-action, close-up, and forward-facing (don’t take photos of anyone’s back).

6.  Be aware of lighting and shadows. 

If the sun is behind you, the subject will be dark and everything else will be light.  Check out these tips for taking photos outdoors.

7. Take advantage of event props.

Experiential marketing events and event venues are loaded with so many great photo opportunities.  For example, take photos of brand ambassadors holding premium giveaways, in front of any brand logos or signage, with the event venue as a backdrop, ETC.  The same works for consumer interaction photos, too.  Take photos of consumers and brand ambassadors interacting within the activation area, in front of logos, with event elements like photos booths, activities, ETC.

Tip:  Include enough of the surrounding area to establish location (festival, sporting event, retail location, ETC).

tips for event photos

8.  Get up close and personal. 

Get close to your subject(s), whether it’s the activation area, consumers, or groups shots of brand ambassadors.  The subject(s) should fill up most of the frame.

9. Tidy up. 

Make sure the background in any image is tidy and don’t take photos that have trashcans, empty boxes, and/or messy activation areas in the background.

10.  Brand and logo placement.

Anyone should be able to look at an event photo and immediately identify what brand is being promoted.  Whether it’s a brand logo on a brand ambassador’s shirt, the product itself, signage, booth elements, or anything else, the brand should be easily identifiable.

11.  Get creative. 

Photograph from varying angles, from up high, low or anything other than the standard eye-level viewpoint makes for a more dynamic image.

12.  Have fun.

Staffing agencies want to see their promotional staff having fun!  Take fun photos in addition to posed shots.

event photos

13. Send the best photos. 

We only want quality images, anything else is a waste of your time and ours. Doublecheck images prior to sending them to make they aren’t blurry, that the background isn’t messy, that the lighting is good, and so on.

By following these simple tips, you’re sure to make a great impression on your staffing agency!

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