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11 Habits of Successful Brand Ambassadors

When it comes to experiential marketing events, brand ambassadors play a critical role in the success of the campaign.  Successful brand ambassadors understand that there are many responsibilities and expectations that come with the position and that they need to give 110%.  Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned warrior, establishing positive work habits will earn you a stellar reputation.

11 Habits of Successful Brand Ambassadors

1 –Follow Instructions.

From the application process to employee onboarding to event details, there are a lot of details to sift through.  While it can be overwhelming, the details are very important and you should review everything carefully.  Take a deep breath, find a quiet space to read (and re-read) your responsibilities and the job expectations. Fill out your paperwork and follow procedures to a T. This will save you and your account manager a ton of headaches. From uniform requirements to payroll processing, be mindful of all instructions so you don’t miss a beat.

2 – Know where you are going.

Experiential marketing events take place in different locations, from event venues to city streets. Triple check the address of the activation before the event and map it out. Knowing the exact location beforehand will allow you to factor in extra time for traffic, parking, or getting lost.  Successful brand ambassadors are always proactive rather than reactive. 

3 – Being early is being on time.

Plan to arrive 15 minutes before your shift start time. An early arrival gives the onsite manager and staffing agency one less thing to worry about. It also allows you a few minutes to change into the uniform and meet your co-workers. Being punctual is a very small thing that can go a long way in earning a fantastic reputation.

4 – Present your best physical self.

Appearance is big deal when it comes to experiential marketing. Brand ambassadors serve as a direct representation of the brand’s image and become the face of the brand. Good hygiene, the correct uniform, natural makeup, and hair all seem like no-brainers. But, sometimes people neglect these things. Exceptional brand ambassadors always get plenty of sleep, practice good hygiene, and show up in the correct uniform.

5 – Be helpful.

Behind the scenes can be chaotic. If you see an opportunity to help out in a way you are comfortable with (even if it’s outside your job duties), always offer to help.The team lead or manager may not take you up on it, but asking to assist shows that you are a team player and the offer won’t go unnoticed.

6 – Pay close attention and ask questions.

During training, you will learn the exact event and position details. From key talking points to FAQs to what not to do. If you have questions at any point, do not hesitate to ask. The entire consumer experience is dependent on how you interact and engage with consumers. Make sure you understand all key brand messaging and the goals of the event.  

7 – Always have a positive and upbeat attitude.

An outgoing, professional, can-do attitude will always take you a long way as a brand ambassador.  No matter who you are communicating with, a smile and positive attitude is a must.

8- Add a little flair.

Inserting some of your own personality into your role can make you a stand-out brand ambassador! The end goal of an experiential event is to make a long-lasting and positive brand impression on the consumer. It’s your job to create that connection and make that impression. Create a personalized experience for event attendees while sticking to key talking points. In doing this, you can help create a memorable consumer experience. Being friendly and engaging consumers in meaningful conversations will earn you more Brownie points than you can ever imagine.

9- Leave your baggage at home.

Don’t bring drama or personal issues to work. Never talk about your personal life, sensitive topics, or politics at an event.

10 – Self-care preparedness.

Bring items that will make you more comfortable during long shifts. If the weather is iffy, wear or bring extra layers. Pack water and healthy snacks for your breaks to keep your energy up. Bring sunscreen and lip balm to protect yourself from the outdoor elements. Even extra shoes and socks can come in handy if rains or if your shoes are uncomfortable.

11 – Wrap it up.

When your shift is over, make sure you follow your account manager’s instructions for dismissal. If you need to sign out, be sure to take a photo of the time sheet so you have that for your records.  Take care of your post-event tasks within 24 hours after your event. Make sure you follow the staffing agency’s exact instructions for submitting your paperwork and any event recaps. Completing these tasks promptly and correctly is crucial in getting paid in a timely fashion and will earn you positive reviews from your account manager.
By following the tips above, you will be well on your way to becoming a successful brand ambassador.
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