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What is a Brand Ambassador?

As experiential marketing rapidly shifted somewhat towards the digital space, the line between the role of event brand ambassadors and social media influencers began to overlap. In performing a quick search of “what is a brand ambassador” you will find results that focus heavily on social media brand ambassadors; however, experiential marketing and event brand ambassadors have been around for a lot longer than social media, or even smartphones, for that matter.

In this article, we’ll examine how brands use offline and online brand ambassadors to drive brand awareness and increase sales.

What is a Brand Ambassador?

In simple terms, Merriam-Webster defines an ambassador as “an authorized representative or messenger.” Essentially, a brand ambassador is an authorized representative or messenger of a brand.

The 2 Types of Brand Ambassadors

1. Experiential and Event Brand Ambassadors

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In experiential and event marketing, brand ambassadors serve as the actual face and voice of brands onsite. They interact with consumers in-person, giving them a real-life experience with a product or service through highly engaging and interactive moments that help tell the brand’s story and opens the door for conversation. This interaction ideally results in a positive and lasting impression on consumers, which frequently leads to brand affinity and loyalty.

Experiential and event brand ambassadors promote brands at various events, on the streets, on college campuses, and so forth. Their main responsibilities include conveying key talking points, distributing promotional items and samples, demonstrating a product or service, and providing a positive and memorable experience for the consumer.

You don’t need a lot of experience to be an in-person brand ambassador; what you do need, however, is excellent interpersonal skills. Brand ambassadors are tasked with approaching the public and striking up unscripted conversations, which takes mad people skills and a fantastic personality.

2. Social Media Brand Ambassador

Social media brand ambassadors promote brands, products, and services via social media marketing. Their intent is to create brand awareness and grow brand loyalty by promoting a brand (usually one that they love) to their followers over a period of time. Unlike an influencer who posts a few one-off pieces of content, a social media brand ambassador serves as an extension of the brand, and they are in it for the haul. They promote products with visual content and storytelling, live feeds, and sometimes product demonstrations in exchange for complimentary products and/or compensation.

Brands typically seek those who are loyal to their brand and those that align with their core values to represent them on social media. Social media brand ambassadors must know how to tell a good story with visually appealing content that attracts the brand’s target audience. And, of course, a large following is a must.


Both types of brand ambassador roles offer flexibility and a unique line of work that you can do as a side-gig or full-time.  If you are interested in pursuing a career in events or marketing, being a brand ambassador is an excellent way to get real-world experience.  

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Article originally published in March 2021 and recently updated