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Why AI Will Never Replace Brand Ambassadors

“Can a robot do my job better than me?” is a question a lot of people are asking themselves these days.

The rapidity with which AI advancements have come upon us is intimidating. While we try to figure out AI’s place in our work life, we must remind ourselves that our job is what we do, not who we are. However, for brand ambassadors, there is a bit of overlap between their personal and professional identities because a fantastic personality is a job requirement. 

Because experiential marketing relies heavily on real-life, face-to-face interactions to succeed, your role as a brand ambassador is invaluable.

Where Brand Ambassadors Excel in Comparison to AI

  • Cultivate meaningful, face-to-face connections with individuals: Human connection is the crux of an experiential event. Brand ambassadors facilitate how people interact with a brand and are responsible for creating memorable and impactful connections with consumers. At promotional events, brand ambassadors offer dialog and an exchange of energy that gives the brand a face and voice. These authentic interactions help build trust in the brand.
  • Interpersonal adaptability and decision-making: It’s not uncommon for events to stir up emotions. For example, a promotional for a pet food brand may have a consumer in tears due to the passing of a furry family member, or the aroma of a food sampling may bring back happy memories from someone’s past. Although the inherent nature of promotional events is to be fun, engaging, and lighthearted, it’s hard to know what emotions may be evoked. Hence, brand ambassadors must be prepared to respond in an appropriate way. Humans have the ability to assess situations and read the room, which helps brand ambassadors provide a comfortable and nurturing experience to all in attendance.
  • Complex communication: Everything from conversations, tone, micro-expressions, and body language come into play when brand ambassadors engage with consumers. The complexity of human emotions and interaction is what brands rely on at an event, and no computer, artificial intelligence, or robot can replicate this experience.
  • Personality: Brands seek brand ambassadors who have electrifying personalities. They want people who exude happiness and joy representing them. A smiling face and upbeat attitude have a huge impact on the way consumers view the brand, leading to positive brand affinity.

The Takeaway

Experiential events are about the EXPERIENCE of fostering real-life, human connections with a brand. While AI may supplement some of your activities on-site as a brand ambassador, it will never replace you. 

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