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Navigating the disruptions that came with the pandemic hasn’t been easy, but experiential marketing and live event professionals are a resilient bunch, and if 2021 taught us anything, it’s that resiliency can move mountains. Although new variants of COVID-19 are inevitable, we know that human connections are essential and live events and experiences fulfill that need.  

We’ve combed through the latest reports and data to bring you ten statistics that demonstrate the current state of experiential marketing and what to expect in 2022.

10 Experiential Marketing Statistics You Should Know in 2022

Despite the pandemic’s effect on the industry in 2020, experiential and event marketing is still booming:

  • 68% of B2B marketers and 63% of B2C marketers reported that they hosted live, in-person events in the last six months (July – December 2021), and 81% plan to host live events in 2022. ~Agency AE
  • 75% of B2C marketers said that in-person events are crucial for their brand’s success. ~Agency AE
  • 81% of brands believe their event and experiential budgets will match or exceed their pre-pandemic budget. ~EventTrack 2021
  • Experiential marketing now ranks as one of the top five marketing strategies companies currently leverage. ~HubSpot
  • 91% of consumers reported that they would be more inclined to purchase the brand’s product or service after participating in a brand activation or experience, and 40% felt they become more loyal to the brand. ~EventTrack 2021

When it comes to virtual events, Zoom fatigue has set in:

  • 67% of consumers don’t show up for low-cost or free virtual events. ~Experiential Trends
  • 52.9% of event marketers find it challenging to create memorable and engaging experiences for virtual attendees compared to in-person events. ~Bizzabo
  • In 2021, 20% of event organizers reported planning online-only events; that number decreased to less than 5% for 2022. ~Pulse – Northstar
  • In a Q2 2021 report, only 42% of virtual event attendees reported making it through the event in its entirety. ~Bizzabo

Hybrid events are here to stay, especially in the conference and meeting sector:

63% of event planners expect to utilize a hybrid event format in the future. ~Event Manager Blog

Build It And They Will Come

Just like the classic line in “Field of Dreams” says, “if you build it, he will come.”  The brands and companies that “built it” and went live in 2021 did so with no regrets, as people were eager to get back to live events and experiences. As a result, the recovery process is happening more quickly than initially expected.

Moving forward, more than ever, people will return to live events, conferences, and brand experiences to satisfy the desire to make much-needed, real-life connections.  

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