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ATN Event Staffing is the go-to leader in experiential marketing event staffing.  We help bring brands to life by providing friendly and engaging individuals who create meaningful and memorable brand experiences for consumers.


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For more than 18 years, ATN Event Staffing has provided best-in-class custom staffing solutions for experiential marketing activations, promotional events, trade shows, corporate events, and more. Through every step of the process, we work closely with our clients, bringing our passion, energy, and commitment to ensure event goals are met.

With a database of more than 370,000 vetted field employees, we can confidently staff and manage events in any city – large or small, urban, metropolitan, rural, or remote – we’ve got it covered.  We provide brand ambassadors, promotional models, street teams, tour managers, promotional talent, and specialty staff to create buzz for brands.

ATN values open and transparent communication and excels at top-notch customer service. We understand that each event is unique and that even the best-laid plans change. So we change with them, adapting to meet your needs on the go as they shift. Our clients trust us to be honest, transparent, and responsive and we believe that is the only way to achieve success. We are upfront about any foreseen challenges and if issues arise, we work to proactively solve them.  Our job is to make your job easier.

Our talented team consists of seasoned industry professionals: event gurus with years of on-the-ground experience and agency experience. We are quick to respond, available 24/7, and extremely detail-oriented: we’re here to help your event succeed.

  • With over 18 years of event staffing experience, ATN understands what it takes and more importantly, who it takes to make your campaign successful.
  • ATN has an extensive database of over 370,000 talented individuals throughout North America, enabling us to staff events in any city – no matter the size.
  • ATN has numerous policies in place to prevent or solve employee cancelations and schedule changes, ensuring your event is efficiently and effectively staffed and to make it a success.  We take our full staff guarantee seriously and achieve 99.9%+ attendance rates as a result.

Our experience as a leader in event staffing has earned us a reputation as the most dedicated, passionate, and reliable event staffing agency available.



I have been so impressed with ATN.  They have everything I look for in an agency partner: creativity, responsiveness, and great people.  But then they go the extra step of partnering with us to develop novel solutions as projects go through their inevitable twists and turns.

— Joel N.

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