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General Information

What cities do you provide staff in?  

ATN provides staff in cities and towns of all sizes throughout the U.S. and Canada. Large, small, remote, or rural, we can handle staffing in any location.

What types of events do you staff?

ATN specializes in providing custom staffing solutions for experiential marketing campaigns, brand activations, promotional events, trade shows, mobile marketing tours, PR stunts, and so much more.   

Do you provide staff for large-scale events?

Absolutely! We can staff, execute and manage projects of any size and scope including large-scale and multi-market events.

What types of staff can you provide?

Please click here to view the full list of our event staffing services. If you don’t find what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to reach out, we’ve seen it and staffed it all.

Do you staff multicultural marketing events with bilingual brand ambassadors?

We sure can. We have thousands of bilingual and multicultural brand ambassadors throughout the U.S. and Canada.

How do you vet your staff?

We carefully hand-select staff based on our client’s specific needs. We review resumes for relevant experience, photos, and social media profiles prior to interviewing each candidate over the phone. Our phone interviews are thorough and tailored to each client and campaign allowing us to provide individuals that meet our client’s needs and wants.

What is a lead brand ambassador?  

A lead brand ambassador is chosen by the staffing manager to assist with ATN’s administrative tasks (staff check-ins, uniform distribution, break-rotations, and staff check-outs) for the on-site team.  They serve as the eyes and ears for ATN. Lead brand ambassadors typically do not have the same types of responsibilities that an on-site manage would have.   They cannot hire/fire staff, change shift-times or make billing decisions.

How does a lead brand ambassador vary from an On-site Manager?

On-site managers are vetted and trained to manage the on-site staff and the activation itself. They typically have extensive industry experience and can address inherent event-based challenges. An on-site manager will also handle the responsibilities of the lead brand ambassador AND can manage the team (motivate/discipline staff when needed).

Do you run criminal background checks on your staff?

Yes. ATN will conduct criminal background checks upon request.  Additionally, ATN requires background checks and/or motor vehicle reports for positions that require staff to drive a vehicle during event hours; gives staff access to high-value assets, cash, financial records, or sensitive information; and/or involves the staff working at a children’s event.

Can I see pictures and/or bios of the staff that has been selected for my event?

Of course!  Each staff member has a talent profile that showcases their experience, skills, physical attributes, activities, interests, and photos.

Do you have a client portal?

Yes. Our clients love our proprietary client portal. Here, you can view all your events (past and present), staff rosters, staff profiles, invoices, and you can even electronically submit new staffing requests.

What sets ATN apart from other staffing companies or staffing apps?

We believe in good-ole fashioned customer service. Our foundation is built on providing personalized solutions for our clients, tailored specifically to their needs and goals. We have a team of real people working around the clock to ensure that our events are fully staffed with the right team and the our client’s goals are met from start to finish (a staffing app can’t do that). We will work with you every step of the way to provide top-notch service to set your event up for success.

Do you provide backup staff?

For events requiring 4 or more staff, we provide complimentary backups. ATN strives for 100% attendance and we will devise a custom plan for each event (no matter the size or scope).


What is your break schedule?

In states that have required mandated breaks, we are 100% compliant with those regulations. If not regulated, we will work with your team to develop an appropriate break schedule that keeps the staff fresh and your event running efficiently.

Is there an hourly minimum per shift?

Yes. To effectively staff our events, we adhere to a 4-hour minimum (per shift). If an event is less than 4 hours, we bill/pay for 4 hours of work.

If the staff must pay to park, how is that handled?

If paid parking is the only feasible option, we will collect receipts after the event to reimburse the staff.  Actual parking costs will be added to your final invoice with receipt copies.

Do you bill for long distance travel (mileage)?

In some cases, if staff travel a long distance, we offer bonuses or a per diem to cover travel expenses. However, any travel costs will be discussed in advance so there are no surprises.

Do you have an hourly rate card?

Yes and no, we have a general rate card, but the “devil is in the details” when it comes to determining event staff wages. Locations, events, venues, hours, roles, and staff attributes are the largest determining factors when it comes to our billable rate. We welcome the chance to bid on any specific projects that you’re working on. Additionally, we offer discounted rates for larger programs and larger agency of record relationships.


How do you train your event staff?  

Staff training is vital to the success of your event. We highly recommend that our clients provide us with training documents to pass along to the staff. Many clients choose to host paid training sessions over the phone or in-person. Our staffing managers can also host training sessions over the phone to cover any training materials you have provided.  We also offer customized questionnaires/quizzes prior to the event to ensure the staff is prepared.

Do you have a plan in place for staff cancellations or no-shows?

Yes.  While our extensive pre-event staff-communication helps us minimize last-minute cancellations; redundancies are still key to the success of event staffing.  ATN utilizes several tools, including on-site and/or on-call backups, to ensure full attendance at each event. Our staffing managers oversee staff check-ins at the start of each event and are available during all event hours; we respond when needed.

Please contact ATN if you have any other questions or concerns.


ATN is, without a doubt, the best staffing agency to work with! From their flexibility and communication during the planning phase to the A+ staff and supervisors to their responsiveness to onsite changes, there is not a better agency out there. The onsite supervisors and staff are top-notch; they are on time, great with customers, and always willing to help out. The backup staffing method ATN employs means I never have to worry about an empty position and have extra hands as onsite needs arise. With large-scale conferences and tradeshows, there is so much to stress about, but with ATN, staffing is not one of those things. I’m confident when partnering with ATN and would sincerely recommend their services to anyone in the industry.

— Alyssa P.

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