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Our experience has earned us a reputation as the most dedicated, passionate, and reliable event staffing company around, and we think it shows.  See what some of our clients have to say about their experience with ATN Event Staffing.

ATN is, without a doubt, the best staffing agency to work with! From their flexibility and communication during the planning phase to the A+ staff and supervisors to their responsiveness to onsite changes, there is not a better agency out there. The onsite supervisors and staff are top-notch; they are on time, great with customers, and always willing to help out. The backup staffing method ATN employs means I never have to worry about an empty position and have extra hands as onsite needs arise. With large-scale conferences and tradeshows, there is so much to stress about, but with ATN, staffing is not one of those things. I’m confident when partnering with ATN and would sincerely recommend their services to anyone in the industry.

— Alyssa P.

Always a pleasure working with the ATN team! Reliable, responsive, and flexible in the ever-changing event environment. I’ll continue to utilize their services and highly recommend them to others!

— Mark M.

The staff was AMAZING!!!  Seriously cannot say enough good things and will definitely keep you in mind for future events!

— Alex F.

It’s been a pleasure working with ATN over the last year.  They have staff literally everywhere you can imagine and every time I’ve worked with them, they’ve provided quality, professional staff.  Their prices are fair, and they even go out of their way to help staff last-minute events when other companies would say the turnaround time is too tight.  I’m very happy to have found them!

— Jeff S.

The ATN team worked fast and efficiently to successfully staff 56 retail locations for a one-day activation totaling an impressive 112 brand ambassadors. They were very open to adapting to our internal processes, which helped all teams work and collaborate together. We appreciate how they never once came to us with a staffing problem across 56 markets and managed internally to get the job done!

— Jedd D.

Thank you to the entire ATN team for your hard work on our program (and on such a short time crunch!).  Your team had great communication throughout the planning of this and especially on the day of the event.  This was the first time our team had planned a conference like this, and your confidence in your team and staff, made me feel confident we were going to pull it off – and we did, very successfully!  We loved the easy-to-use portal, and the onsite staff were extremely professional, energetic, and made this event happen!  It was great. Thanks, again ATN!

— Shelby C.

A sudden change of plans just hours before a high-visibility event could have derailed our entire activation. Thanks to ATN, we received professional support in a matter of hours that truly saved the day. In our field, it’s all about how you recover from irregularities, and we can confidently recommend ATN for their speed and service.


— Ben K.

ATN came through in a crunch for our firm when we needed a large volume of staff for a last-minute outreach event and we couldn’t have been more pleased with the service we received. The ATN staff that supported our efforts were punctual, professional, and enthusiastic and helped us provide valuable information to the public concerning public transportation changes in the Los Angeles area.

— Josh F.

I have worked with ATN for the better part of the past 10 years and they have never let me down.  Across multiple agencies and client accounts, they have been the first call I have made when staffing needs arise.  No matter what the scope of the project is or the location where it is taking place, they deliver. Given everything that goes into the production of large-scale events, it is nice that the staffing aspect is never something I have to worry about.

— Courtney W.

I highly recommend any company out there to reach out to ATN for their support services. They are “The Best” Staffing agency we have ever worked with.

— Jay F.

The team at ATN has been incredible to work with and provides such a fantastic service. From their internal team to the boots on the ground, their staff has been A+. With last minute add-ons and short notice staffing requests, ATN never failed quick and efficient solutions. I know I can depend on them. With 2020 being a challenging year for events, I am so thankful to have a partner like ATN.

— Rose H.

ATN is a trusted partner for the thousands of events executed by 160over90 each year. The team is detail-oriented, dependable, and always displays great initiative. I know ATN will over deliver each and every time, regardless of whether the event is a small-scale project or a multi-market, national tour.

— Chris K.

The support and service from the ATN team is the best in the biz!  They take time in the beginning to understand the specific needs for the event and with amazing management from their on-site Team Leads, execute it flawlessly.

— Brian K.

Working with ATN has been a dream. Their whole team, from the top all the way down, continues to show up prepared and amenable to any changes we throw their way. We love working with this team because their ambassadors always seem to be more invested in the event than other agencies’, probably due to the culture provided to them by ATN.

— Kimberly K.

I have been so impressed with ATN.  They have everything I look for in an agency partner: creativity, responsiveness, and great people.  But then they go the extra step of partnering with us to develop novel solutions as projects go through their inevitable twists and turns.

— Joel N.

Most reliable and great quality staffing agency! Great organization and communication from start to finish of each event hiring process especially throughout the difficult times in 2020.

— Monich D.

I have worked with ATN over the last seven years all across the country.  They have been a valued partner and asset over those years.  ATN and their representatives are reliable, professional, and hardworking individuals that are a cut above the rest.  Their customer service is excellent and they always have a contingency plan. ATN has provided 24/7 assistance and has been able to react quickly if we had an immediate need.  I truly value my partnership with ATN.

— Bob S.

I can’t begin to tell you how thankful I am for ATN’s help. I told someone recently that I feel like ATN is a true partner for me when planning events. I’m especially grateful for your ability to accommodate my many last-minute requests – even when it means providing staff in 48 markets with one week’s notice!

— Claire P.

ATN is always a pleasure to work with. They provide us with many different types of event staff, from setup & teardown staff to brand ambassadors to quality tour managers. Their staff is experienced, hard-working, and, most importantly, on time.

— Nick M.

The ATN team is incredible and never disappoints! They’ve accommodated all of my crazy last-minute requests, including once when I called ATN the night before an event. We were on different coasts with a 3-hour time difference, and ATN took my call and made it happen. This is an example of how much they genuinely care about their customers and the success of their events. I will always recommend ATN to my current and future clients!

— Angie O.

ATN Staffing has been great at staffing our events across the country, even on short notice. In the news industry, we often have last-minute needs, and they have been able to help us, despite our short timelines.

— Irena C.

ATN has been great to work with for our event staffing needs! They have always provided us professional, prompt, and qualified staff to help bring our clients events to life. Even on short notice ATN has saved the day and filled all of the roles with the same qualified individuals. ATN is my go to when I think staffing needs.

— Sara C.

Working with ATN the past 2 years has truly been a pleasure. The team is always available to answer any and all questions, day and night.  Not only are they well experienced in sourcing and staffing, but they are strategic in their approach to event planning. ATN is a true partner and I look forward to working with them in the future.

— Alexa D.

ATN stepped up emphatically when we were in a situation with little time and a new client with high expectations. After a competitor hiked up prices and expressed doubt in fulfilling their initial communication, ATN took the ball and ran with it. Within a day of contacting ATN, they understood our business, our client, and the mobile tour sponsorship. They put a plan in place and gave us confidence in moving forward. Less than two weeks later, ATN provided quality brand ambassadors in multiple small cities throughout the Midwest, and our four-week tour ran seamlessly. I really enjoyed and worked well with the balance of personable communication and an easy online management platform.

— JJ L.

Your team is awesome! The Lead was great, and the rest of the staff had wonderful energy and really made the event enjoyable.

— Mallory W.

We recently had a large, nationwide tour that was in need of a staffing partner that would be able to fill some very large staffing needs.  I reached out to ATN and tasked them with staffing over 30 events per week, 8 – 10 BAs per event, and for a 10 week period in 9 regions across the United States.  They provided great service, prompt attention to detail, and quality candidates throughout the program and consistently went above and beyond to ensure that our events were staffed accordingly.  The communication between their booking staff and my managers was exemplary and they did a fantastic job making sure my clients were satisfied with each event.  Their booking price was fair and billing for each week done promptly.  I would not hesitate to use them for any future events.

— Mike F.

Working with ATN has been a pleasure. This was our first time doing any kind of trade show, but luckily ATN took great care of us. The brand representatives they hired were on-time, ready to go, and conducted themselves professionally.

— Robert M.

ATN has been there for me for every consumer event I’ve done in the past few years. They have a wide range of staffing options in all cities that I’ve been able to tailor to each event and client. ATN is always quick to react to questions and onsite needs, and I always feel like I’m in good hands.

— Jessica D.

You guys are great to work with and will always be my first call.

— Michael M.

I utilized ATN Event Staffing for a Southwest employee appreciation event held at Universal Studios Hollywood.  This was our first event to utilize ATN, and our expectations were beyond exceeded; in fact, we have utilized ATN for several other events since.  There are a few things that set them apart from other agencies, but the thing we value the most is providing Team Leads.  My own team is so busy managing every other aspect of our event, and not having to manage event staff has allowed us to make our events run so much better.  The staff ATN providers are helpful, happy to be there and work hard – as if they were employees of our company.

— Cassidy P.

ATN Event Staffing is top notch! From our first discussion through event day their customer service, attention to detail and communication was fabulous and greatly appreciated. They perfectly executed exactly what I requested – their staff was on time, worked through our entire event and had smiles on their faces with high energy attitudes the entire time! I couldn’t be happier with the staff ATN provided or our event results – thanks ATN!

— Audrie W.

Thank you so much to the ATN team for your support at CES.  Your ability to handle last minute changes and requests is so appreciated!  The staff provided has been one of the best I have worked with.  I highly recommend ATN Event Staffing for anyone looking for a capable and communicative partner.  Thank you ATN!

— Annabelle L.

We had such a fantastic experience with your staff and ATN is definitely at the top of our list for when we need staffing.

—  Dali

You guys have taken a piece of our industry which has typically driven us crazy and turned it into something that we don’t have to worry about as much.  We look forward to continuing to grow our partnership.

— Nate W.

The team at ATN has been such a pleasure to work with.  They are hands-on, professional, and ready and willing to do what it takes to get the best staff for every event.  After working with several staffing companies, we chose to partner with ATN because they truly care about their clients and their clients’ needs.  They consistently staff our events with outgoing and personable brand ambassadors who help us achieve our event goals each and every day.  Thank you ATN!

— Stephanie F.

ATN’s team was fantastic!  Great energy throughout the day. They were rock stars!! They accounted for over 2,000 signups, which was tremendous! It was great working with the team, and we are looking forward to our next event with ATN Event Staffing.

— Matthew W.

Our entire team is beyond impressed with how great ATN is! The leads were outstanding, and our team greatly appreciated their support. ATN provided us with such a rock-star group, and everyone had nothing but great things to say. We look forward to working with your team again.

— Kelly M.

ATN has continuously proven to be a valuable partner in all facets of event staffing. Whether it be a small-scale activation consisting of 2-4 ambassadors or a full-blown marketing event that requires a team of 20 plus, ATN has answered the bell on several occasions and has been a viable asset to our success. They have no shortage of local talent, and they are quick to meet all of our staffing needs.

— Zach M.

ATN Event Staffing has been a dependable, responsive, and professional partner to work with. They always deliver quality staff for our events, whether the requested markets are in large cities or small, rural areas.

— Jared B.

Our events have gone great and the ATN teams have been fantastic. The lead brand ambassador you hired for our program is truly amazing, and we could not have pulled off this activation without her.

— Madison H.

I have had a great experience working with ATN Event Staffing. I LOVE the staff platform where I’m able to see the potential candidates for my event and select the ones that fit our criteria and decline those that don’t. We always request bilingual staff, which is hard to find, and they always have people available or options in markets where the Hispanic population is relatively low.

— Kathy A.

I’ve relied on the ATN team to support my events for the last two years, and I don’t think I could have had such success without them. They’re quick to respond, provide reliable staff, and are one of the few things in the event world that I can always count on going on without a hitch!


— Tanya G.

We had a very demanding client with constant changes and requests. ATN responded to all of this amazingly and was able to meet the client’s needs seamlessly.

— Elise S.