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Trade show marketing allows brands to get create awareness for their products and services and network with customers and prospects. While it can be a costly investment, the business outcomes often make it worth it, especially in a competitive industry. Before investing your time and money in trade show marketing, there are a few common mistakes you should steer clear of to ensure that you get the most bang for your buck.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Trade Show Marketing 

Don’t rely solely on your booth to do the work. Do promote ahead of time. 

While the physical booth is likely the most significant expense, don’t assume that a beautiful, eye-catching display will be enough to attract customers to stop and chat. Trade shows and expos have substantial footprints, and there is a lot of competition. To combat this, ensure you engage your target audience before the show begins. Or before they enter the floor. Use social media, email, or signage to let attendees know where they can find you. Better yet, have street teams positioned outside the venue or around the expo hall to promote your booth before they enter.

Don’t hire just any staff. Do select the right people and train them well.

Event staffing partners are skilled at understanding strategic goals and aligning them with the professional trade show staff that will deliver against KPIs. Finding the right staffing resource is the first step, then communicating the qualities that best represent your company or brand is next. The third step – ensure you adequately train the staff so they are prepared to invite and initiate conversation, deliver your message and convert a qualified lead.

Don’t assume customers will automatically come to your booth. Do have a solid engagement plan that makes you stand out.

You have a great-looking booth and a talented event team. Customers will head straight to you, right? Not necessarily. Without a reason to visit, potential customers are likely to pass by. Entice them with special rewards, incentives, demonstrations, gifts, or something unique just to you. But don’t let the audience walk away without a message takeaway or an invitation to continue the conversation after the show.

Don’t forget to connect after the show. Do have a post-event follow-up plan in place. 

With a successful engagement strategy, you will likely have plenty of new leads to work through once you return to the office. Follow-ups should happen soon so any momentum gained at the show isn’t lost and your message remains fresh in customers’ minds. Have a follow-up plan and tell customers how, when, and where you plan to contact them so they can expect it. Your trade show staff should convey this information during show conversations to set the next contact point person up for success.

If you’re looking for professional and engaging trade show staff, you’re in the right place. Since 2002, we have helped brands and companies of all sizes elevate their trade show presence with engaging and professional booth representatives. Contact ATN to learn more about our nationwide trade show staffing solutions.

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