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Promotional swag can be one of the most memorable aspects of a trade show, corporate meeting, or experiential event — for better or for worse. As a mass-produced giveaway to help raise brand awareness, swag can take the form of virtually any item imaginable, limited only by the bounds of your budget.

But as anyone who has been saddled with rinky-dink swag bags can attest, low-quality or uninspiring trinkets often make their way to the back of the junk drawer or are left behind in the hotel room. After all, does anyone really need another cheap pen or stress-relieving ball?

Instead of wasting money on something that will never get any use, invest in unique and sensible giveaways that will serve as a positive reminder of your brand or event. Need a little inspiration? Below are five giveaway items that attendees are sure to love!

5 Promotional Giveaways That Attendees Will Love

  • Tide pen.  Spilled pasta sauce on your white shirt right before the meet-and-greet while traveling? We’ve all been there, right? Food spills seem to always happen at the most inopportune times. I have learned the hard one on more than one occasion, and this is the reason why I ALWAYS carry a Tide pen when traveling. As a tool people always wish they had on them when disaster strikes, a gratis Tide To Go pen can be a lifesaver.
  • Umbrella. Some of the best gifts are the items that we always need but never remember to purchase. That’s where the classic umbrella comes in. Available in various sizes and colors, a customized umbrella is ideal for everyone, from business travelers to festival-goers.
  • Tile tracker. From bottle openers to multitools, there’s no shortage of keychain swag choices. That’s why a custom Tile tracker stands out as a must-have keychain accessory, allowing recipients to locate lost items. While a custom Tile Mate may be a pricier giveaway, recipients will be indebted to your brand when their missing keys finally turn up.
  • Moleskin notebook. Branded pen and paper sets are not a novel concept to the swag game, but a high-quality Moleskin journal raises the bar on a tried-and-true standard. Renowned for its everyday use, this type of notebook is sleek and customizable and will be put to good use, especially during conferences and corporate meetings. 
  • Candy tube. Bowls of candy are a trade show and live event staple, turning tables into makeshift trick-or-treat destinations. You can up the level of your candy giveaways by having your promotional staff distribute branded candy tubes, delighting attendees with unexpected and easily transportable treats. 

Keep in mind that while most event swag is branded, it doesn’t have to be. For example, a non-branded pop socket with a branded gift tag would get much more use than one splashed with a logo. Whatever you decide, put some thought into it and ask yourself the following question – would I personally use this myself? If your answer is yes, then most likely your guests will appreciate it, too!

Promotional Giveaways

No matter what type of swag you choose, having a stellar team representing your company is vital. From trade shows to conferences to brand activations, ATN Event Staffing will provide you with top-notch staff who will elevate your brand presence and make a positive impact on your audience.