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A podcast that shares helpful tips and information for those who work in the experiential and event marketing industry.

Annoying salespeople are the worst. Am I right?

Sometimes, as a salesperson, it is difficult to know where the line is between being supportive and being a stalker, but have no fear because this week’s Be Herd guest sheds some light on finding that balance.

All Things Sales With Jay Menashe

Listen in as host Blake Herder chats with events industry guru and business development extraordinaire, Jay Menashe, about all things sales. Jay talks about how he got his start in sales at a very young age and how he stumbled into the events industry right out of college. He also offers some great advice on how to approach potential clients, how to deal with rejection, and what keeps him motivated.

The Be Herd podcast powered by ATN Event Staffing caters to those who work in the experiential and event marketing industry.  On each show, host Blake Herder discusses a variety of topics and offers helpful tips, resources, and more.

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