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Being a Backup Brand Ambassador  – The Best Freelance Gig You’ve Never Heard Of

backup brand ambassador

ATN Promo Backup Brand Ambassadors

* shhhhh * lean in…

 …I have a top insider industry secret to tell you.

Did you know that by working as a paid backup brand ambassador with a staffing agency (even just ONCE) will push you up as a top choice for SO MANY promo event jobs you never knew existed?

A backup brand ambassador’s sole duty is to show up onsite at the beginning of a promotional event and be available to work the event if needed.

Being a backup brand ambassador isn’t necessarily glamorous but is advantageous for both seasoned pros who know the drill and inexperienced individuals trying to break into the promo event biz.

If agencies see you are willing to take the role of back-up, even if for just one event, you will automatically be marked as a team player and someone they want in front of their clients.

And if you are shifted into working the event?

Even better!

You now make a full event day’s pay plus positive rankings in your staffing agency profile.

Positive rankings and accolades in your staffing agency profile will automatically put you at the top of the pile for future event work and this is the key to filling your inbox with job offers. Agencies need to know they can rely on you IRL. By being a back-up, you’ve confirmed that you are exactly the kind of person they want to hire.

OK! I am down to be a backup brand ambassador, now, what do I do?

1- Register a profile with ATN Promo. If you already have, be sure to login and update frequently. Every 3 months is ideal. This goes for all of your staffing agency profiles.

2- When there is a back-up opening in your area, you will be sent a message. From there you click the “interested in being a back-up” box and submit.

3- An account manager will reach out and give all booking details including flat rate pay for your on-call status, pay rate details for the role (if you end up working the event), uniform requirements, event location, shift times and job duties.

4- The day of the event you will arrive onsite 15 minutes before the shift starts. The client or event manager will review the booked team to make sure it is complete and everyone checks out OK. If there are issues with booked staff then back-up staff members (you) will be placed accordingly.

5-From there you are either sent home and paid the flat back-up rate or you jump in and work the full event as needed receiving the pay rate for the working the shift.

6- Whether you end up working the event or not, your ATN Promo profile will be marked with a positive ranking for simply being a back-up. Extra ratings will be added if you work the event successfully.

If you’d like to be a back-up brand ambassador come join the ATN  team here. Registration is FREE and we staff events Nationwide!