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By: Shannon Locker – Digital Marketing Manager – Head of Talent Acquisition at ATN Promo

ATN Promo offers a wide range of the best college student jobs at universities across the United States.

What are the best college student jobs? 

Our event marketing and promotional event gigs are ideal for college students who are looking to make some fast cash without a long term commitment. Unfortunately, most college students don’t even know that these freelance job opportunities exist. In fact, we are ALWAYS seeking to recruit college students to work at on­ campus experiential events. We welcome entry level applicants! Interested in learning more about the best college student jobs at super fun promotional events on campus AND adding some real work experience to your resume? Check out all the details below!

best college student jobs

What is event marketing and promotions?

The exciting industry of Event Marketing is also known as experiential or promotional marketing. At an event, a consumer can experience a company’s brand/service in an interactive and engaging way. ATN hires ‘Brand Ambassadors’ or ‘Promotional Models’ to assist in the execution of these events. Most events we staff are ideal for college students and recent graduates because the positions are entry level, part time freelance as well as offer a creatively flexible schedule. We have many college student job openings at experiential events right on campus! The average pay rate is $14­ to $20 per hour. These events fit well into the busy lives of most college students.

What type of work will I be doing?

Across the Nation Promo, Model & Staffing Ltd. (ATN Promo) finds talented college students like you to represent the most popular brands and services available. Working events with ATN is a great resume builder and the perfect entry­ level position that provides a wide range of experience from basic people skill building to managerial muscle building and these attributes translate well to almost every career endeavor. Maybe you haven’t worked much in the professional setting and that’s OK because our main requirement is that you are outgoing, friendly and willing to take direction well.

As a ‘Brand Ambassador’ or ‘Promotional Model’ you get to partake in a variety of college student jobs at an event which help you to develop everything from sales experience to simply having fun at work.

    • ­Showing people how to use technology like smartphones, tablets etc.
    • ­Managing an interactive game or photo booth at an event
    • ­Greeting escorting participants into a VIP or hospitality area
    • ­Informing people of a new service and helping them try it out
    • ­Acting as a costume character or mascot
    • ­Playing games and drawing a crowd to an exhibit


  • Handing out free samples of a product at an event on the street
  • ­Assisting with setup or teardown (labor)


Or a million different things, the list is endless. Don’t worry, you’ll know everything about what you’ll be expected to at an event before you agree to work.

What type of events will I be working at?

    • ­Outdoor Events, Concerts, Festivals and Fairs
    • ­Street Festivals
    • ­Beachside Promotions
    • ­College Tours or Events
    • ­VIP Hospitality Music


  • Ride and Drive Automotive Promotions and Car Shows
  • ­Trade Shows and Corporate Conventions
  • ­In­-store Demonstrations
  • ­Intercept Street Sampling
  • ­Guerilla Marketing
  • ­Bar Nightclub Promotions
  • ­Print Advertising
  • ­Runway and Fashion Shows


How do I apply?

Set up a free ATN Promo profile HERE. It is through this profile that you will be contacted with the best college student jobs on your campus.