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In experiential marketing, it has become increasingly necessary to reach out to customers who speak languages other than English. This is both a result of changing demographic trends in the US that show minority and non-native speaking communities growing as an increased focus within the business world on catering to diverse markets.

Consumers who are native speakers of other languages are much more likely to feel welcome and be receptive if your event staff can communicate with them.

ATN Event Staffing has extensive experience providing bilingual event staff for a variety of experiential marketing campaigns, including experiential marketing and promotional events, trade shows and conferences, PR campaigns, national marketing tours, sporting events, music activations, and charity events.

While it is most common for clients to request bilingual Spanish brand ambassadors, we also work with brand ambassadors who speak languages such asĀ  Cantonese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, and more. If we do not currently have staff available who speak a given language, we will do our best to find them!

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