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Our staffing agency internal time is very proud to announce Ed Bowie for April 2016 ATN Brand Ambassador of the Month!

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ATN Promo’s Brand Ambassador of the Month for April – Ed

Every month the ATN Event Staffing’s internal team selects a Brand Ambassador of the Month. Once chosen, we profile our chosen team member here on the blog.

Our brand ambassador candidates are chosen based on performance rankings from not only our account managers but clients and onsite managers as well.

Brand Ambassadors Of The Month receive a $25 Amazon gift card as a thanks for his or her hard work.

ATN’a Brand Ambassador Of The Month,Ed, is from Austin. Ed shared some pro knowledge on his success on what is means to be a good brand ambassador:

1-How long have you worked for ATN?

14 months

2-What are the perks of working with ATN Promo?

Great people and management, time flexibility, good pay rates and fun events!

3-What are your favorite types of promotional events to work?

Music festivals/events because music is such a great passion of mine.

4-Which of your skills do you find serve you best as a brand ambassador?

My ability to engage and relate with consumers

5-What are your top tips and advice for people who are interested/just starting out working promotional jobs?

Always keep a positive attitude because a positive attitude will most likely lead to positive results and a successful event.

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