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Brand Ambassador Scottie


ATN Promo’s Brand Ambassador Of The Month for December is Scottie from San Diego. Scottie has some great brand ambassador tips for up-and-coming team members:

1-How long have you worked for ATN?

I started working for ATN sometime in June of 2007. The first event I ever worked seems like yesterday.

2-What are the perks of being an ATN Promo Brand Ambassador?

First, you get to meet and promote with likeminded people. I am energetic and there is always an energetic person I promote with.

Second, one promotion will lead to more promotions. My first promotion led to me traveling around the country for the next two years.

3-What are your favorite types of promotional events to work?

I love all events where I can engage with people. Educating customers and potential consumers on the product is fun for me.

4-Which of your skills do you find serve you best as a brand ambassador?

My energy, interpersonal skills and my ENFJ personality type serves me greatly when promoting. I am all about people. I know who to engage with about the product. When others are not interested, I can read their body language and know not to engage with them. I am extroverted meaning that I feed off of large crowds and become more energetic.

5-What are your top brand ambassador tips and advice for people who are interested/just starting out as brand ambassadors?

You will be taken great care of. The staff at ATN are all about the Brand Ambassadors. Having a group of fantastic people leading is a perk within itself. Whatever even you sign up for, be a man and woman of your word. The internal staff and client are counting on you! Do a great job promoting because word gets around about your performance. The most important advice I can give is HAVE FUN!