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There are many brand ambassador tips seasoned pros have to offer. Lucky for us, many of our superstar staff are willing to share their insight from years of experience.

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Brand Ambassador Of The Month – Vilma

Every month the ATN Event Staffing internal team selects a Brand Ambassador of the Month. Once chosen, we pick the brain of our monthly candidate to find out the best brand ambassador tips in the business.

Each monthly brand ambassador candidate is chosen based on performance rankings from not only our account managers but clients and onsite managers as well.

Brand Ambassadors Of The Month receive a $25 Amazon gift card as a thanks for his or her hard work.

ATN Promo’s Brand Ambassador Of The Month for March is Vilma from Las Vegas. Vilma has some great brand ambassador tips for up-and-coming team members:

1-How long have you worked for ATN?

I’ve been with ATN for about a year.

2-What are the perks of working with ATN Promo?

One of my favorite perks of working with ATN Promo is that not only am I meeting new interesting people but I’m also continuously working on myself by enhancing my skills, improving my communication and networking abilities.

3-What are your favorite types of promotional events to work?

I enjoy working promotional events that are fast-paced and keep me on my toes.

4-Which of your skills do you find serve you best as a brand ambassador?

My skill to follow through on things serves me best. If I set my mind to something, I get it done.

5-What are your top tips and advice for people who are interested/just starting out working promotional jobs?

Just get out there, be yourself and have fun!

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