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The key component to a successful brand ambassador program is having excellent people in place to execute the brand. Through a rigorous recruiting process, ATN Promo has acquired a large variety of super star team members to work each and every type of brand ambassador program.

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Ananda – ATN Promo’s Brand Ambassador of the Month for February 2016

ATN Promo’s Brand Ambassador of the Month for February is Ananda from Florida. Due to her outstanding work ethic and personable approach, we reach out to Ananda first and foremost with brand ambassador program job openings in the Orlando area.

Ananda will receive a $25 Amazon gift card as a thanks for her stellar work.

Ananda is a seasoned brand ambassador who always receives fantastic review from our clients for her stand-out efforts with each brand ambassador program she works. ATN Promo account managers greatly enjoy having Ananda on the team as she is a true professional.

Ananda took some time to offer up her best brand ambassador tips:

1-How long have you worked with ATN Promo?

I have worked with ATN two years on March 13th.

2-What are the perks of being an ATN Promo brand ambassador?

ATN has taught me how to deal with clients and how to be a great leader.

3-What are your favorite types of promotional events to work?

I love promos that need several Brand ambassadors, sporting and make up events are my favorite and it’s always more fun with a group.

4-Which of your skills do you find serve you best as a brand ambassador?

I am known for my high energy and treating everyone with the same respect. I always offer tips to help others succeed to become better people and better Brand ambassadors. I am also noticed for knowing my product well!

5-What are your top brand ambassador tips and advice for people who are interested/just starting out as brand ambassadors?

Patience is a virtue. Before ATN staffed me I had a profile for almost six months. Never complain, wear the correct uniform, don’t gossip and be on time. When a project is over always thank your booking agent for the opportunity. I follow these self made regulations which is why two years later I am doing this full time. 

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