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Participating in Brand Ambassador Programs

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ATN Promo Brand Ambassador Team

Being a part of brand ambassador programs will get you paid to represent some of the most popular brands.  Energetic and out-going brand ambassadors are essential for the execution of a promotional event.

In order to be slammed with a ton of work,  you need to learn how to become an outstanding brand ambassador. Fortunately there are a few simple things you can do to markedly increase your brand ambassador marketability.

Create an awesome profile

When you join our team, or sign up with any agency you’ll need to create a profile. This is what the staffing agency will look at when deciding who to hire. Your profile will include pictures, a list of your experience and even personal videos. Make sure you:

-Upload good, quality pictures if yourself and make sure you are smiling
-Don’t include pictures with your friends or doing anything unprofessional
-Only include pictures of you, not groups or shots with you and friends
-Upload a recent resume, no misspellings
-Emphasize relevant experience

Apply for every job

If you get offered a Brand Ambassador job, take it! Even if it’s not the ideal job, it is only temporary and will give you some experience. Once an agency works with you, it will be much easier to keep landing gigs.

Wear what you are supposed to wear

If you get hired as Brand Ambassador for an event you’ll be instructed on what to wear.

DO NOT wear anything besides what you are supposed to wear.

If you show up with the wrong thing on, you can be sent home and may not have the opportunity to work another Brand Ambassador job again.

Show up early

Show up 20 minutes before your shift starts and report for duty. It’s always good to plan for any potential problems.

For example, it’s difficult to find parking at some events, so you’ll want to arrive in plenty of time to find it.

The last thing that you want to do is show up late and start making excuses as to why you are late.

Show up Prepared

Oftentimes, you’ll be sent important information prior to an event. This can be as simple as the details, where to meet, what to wear, etc and may also include information on the brand you will be promoting. Be sure to review all of the information you are sent so you have a full understanding of the job you need to do.

Don’t come back late from breaks

If you are given a 30 minute break by your event manager, make sure you confirm the time you need to be back to work then make sure you come back on time.

Overstaying your break can get you a bad rep, and will make if difficult to book more work in the future.

Take care of your post-event responsibilities

You may have things you need to do after the event ends, send in pictures, report the hours you worked, or numerous other things. Take care of these things within the deadline you are given.

Work hard, be outgoing and have fun!

Be outgoing. Brand ambassador programs are created in order to give the public notice to a brand or service in a positive way. As a brand ambassador team member you will be expected to bring your great energy to any event job.

Go out and talk with your customers for the day, tell them about the brand you are representing and make them feel excited to be speaking with you. It’s all about smiling and having fun.

Speaking of fun…have fun!  Go out and work hard but have a great time doing it. Who says you can’t do both?