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Happy Hour:  Weekly Round-Up 02.09.19

Super Bowl 53 was nothing short of spectacular (for brands, that is). Atlanta’s sprawling metro area and beautiful weather offered brands the chance to create unforgettable fan experiences. From the Battery in the suburbs to the Georgia World Congress Center just outside of Mercedes-Benz, the atmosphere was exhilarating. In this week’s Happy Hour, we lead off with a round up of the top brand experiences from Super Bowl 53. We’ll also look at how progressive brands are using data ecosystems to measure experiential ROI and the leading trade show trends for 2019.

The Most Memorable Brand Experiences from the Super Bowl

Super Bowl 53The Super Bowl sets the ultimate stage for brands to shine. From Super Bowl LIVE to VIP events to the Super Bowl Experience, festivities surrounding the big game is every marketer’s dream. Not too many events can compare to the Super Bowl when it comes to reaching a massive fan base in an insanely energizing atmosphere. And brands will stop at nothing to create immersive and buzz-worthy fan experiences. Here, Event Marketer gives us an overview of the most memorable and most talked about brand experiences from Super Bowl 53.

Data Ecosystems Hold the Key to  Understanding Experiential Marketing ROI

Experiential marketing provides brands exceptional results, from creating awareness to generating sales. However, very few brands understand how to prove the success of their campaigns. Experiential marketing is made up of many moving parts. It’s not as cut and dry as other marketing mediums, making measurement difficult and overwhelming. But it may not be as difficult as you think. Several brands have successfully measured event ROI with “data ecosystems.” As this article points out, “the world’s most progressive brands all have one thing in common: they create data ecosystems — a suite of data measurement tools that provide them with personalized, real-time insights at various touchpoints in the XM lifecycle.” Read on to learn more about data ecosystems and how you can apply this practice in your next campaign.

6 Hot Trade Show Trends for 2019

Trade Show Trends 2019With each new year comes new trade show marketing trends, from technology to design elements to engagement. Each year, the trade show circuit offers a clean slate for exhibitors. It’s a chance to regroup and up the ante by creating a show-stopping booth. One that stands out from the competition with impeccable design features and makes the attendee experience memorable. Whether you’re looking to freshen up an existing booth, or you’re starting from scratch, here are the top trade show exhibit trends for 2019.

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