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Happy Hour:  Weekly Round-Up 

Bringing you some of the latest and greatest news in experiential and event marketing.

Experiential marketing allows brands to connect with target consumers in a memorable and meaningful way. And that’s why so many brands are investing in it. Experiential is a powerful strategy that generates ROI in several ways, including building buzz for brands and content creation. In this edition of Happy Hour, we take a look at some of the key benefits that experiential offers. We also feature an infographic demonstrating the state of the live events industry in 2022 and discuss key logistical considerations for trade show marketing.

5 Reasons Why Brands Should Embrace Experiential Marketing 

“Live activations generate excitement, increase content generation, and improve awareness across the spectrum. ” ~Ann D’Adamo, Inspira Marketing

embrace experiential marketing

Photo: Adweek

As the digital marketing space becomes noisier and more cluttered, CMOs are turning to experiential marketing to reach target consumers, and for good reason. Live brand experiences provide immense value to both brands and consumers. For consumers, experiential offers something unique – a memorable experience and a sense of community. These experiences make a long-term impact on how consumers view a brand and, in turn, lead to brand affinity and even loyalty, affecting the brand’s bottom line and generating tremendous ROI. In this article, we take a look at the value of experiential and why brands should embrace it.

Trade Show Logistics: Know Before You Go

“Before registering your company for a trade show, be sure to check their website or contact their show coordinator for the rules and regulations you’ll need to adhere to.” ~Exhibit Options

Trade Show Logisitics

Photo: Exhibitor Live Magazine

With all the time and effort that goes into planning a successful trade show exhibition, the last thing you want is to be blind-sighted by a logistical detail that can quickly turn into your worst nightmare. Often, trade show marketers are caught up with creative aspects during the planning stages, and the small yet crucial details like staffing, booth logistics, and venue restrictions are an afterthought. To ensure you’re fully prepared for your trade show exhibit, you need to consider these pre-show logistics.

The State of Live Events: 2022 Infographic

“After a successful — albeit begrudging — era in which virtual events reigned supreme, event professionals are increasingly planning and executing in-person events once again.” ~Chaviva Gordon-Bennett, Bizzabo

state of the live events industry in 2022

I think we can safely say that live events are back in full force. After a tumultuous two years, 2022 has been a ray of light for the events industry. According to a recent Bizzabo survey, 85% of event organizers plan to host at least THREE in-person events in 2023. While this is fantastic news for event professionals around the globe, there will be challenges as organizations work through some of the longer-lasting effects of the pandemic (ie: supply chain issues, increased costs, etc.). Nonetheless, compared to the curveball 2020 threw, those are just small bumps in the road. Check out this awesome infographic that outlines the current state of the live events industry.

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