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Every brand is a carefully crafted entity that develops after years of research and retooling. Each has a story to tell, and a message to convey, and experiential marketing is the perfect medium to share this. Experiential allows brands to connect with consumers through immersive, engaging, and memorable interactions in face-to-face settings.

If you’re utilizing experiential marketing tactics to grow your brand, you’ll want to make sure that your efforts aren’t lost in translation. As your brand’s representatives, brand ambassadors have the talent and skill to create genuine connections between your brand and target audience. Equipping your brand ambassadors with the knowledge they need to succeed will make those connections more impactful.

Soon after hiring your brand ambassadors, brief them on your campaign goals and objectives so they quickly become an extension of your brand. In doing so, they’ll be invested in your brand’s mission and working toward the same goals before the event starts.


1. Write a Strong Brand Brief Exclusively For Your Brand Ambassadors

It will be tempting to repurpose your existing campaign creative brief, but here’s why a new brief is best. Yes, we ask brand ambassadors and creative professionals to achieve similar goals — to bring the brand to life — but they serve different campaign roles. Therefore, the brief for brand ambassadors should focus on the consumer connection and the heart of the brand message you are asking them to convey.

2. Give Them Time to Understand It, Ask Questions, and Get Clarifications

Brand ambassadors take their roles seriously, so give them the opportunity to fine-tune their skills for the assignment at hand. Allowing time for questions and clarification means they will be more engaged, inspired, and invested in the outcome.

It’s best to brief your team in person.  This allows you to see real-time responses and gather feedback should last-minute considerations arise. If in-person isn’t possible, consider a Zoom call or a briefing video with a live chat. How you brief the ambassador team is just as important as what the brief says.

3. It’s Okay to Get Strategic

The brief helps the brand ambassador team understand the WHY of the campaign and, more specifically, why they are integral to the campaign’s success. Go ahead and include high-level strategic goals so they understand the problem they are helping to solve and, therefore, are more committed to the objectives. Brand ambassadors are a valuable asset to your campaign; knowing their worth and contributions is one way to ensure a strong ROI.

There are some other common mistakes brands make when hiring ambassadors; not having enough time to adequately brief them is critical.

4. Think of Them as Your First Audience

Think of your brand ambassadors as your first campaign audience. Because you’ve hired them specifically to relate to your target, they’ll be a great final focus group to ensure your brand message resonates. Their first impression of the brand is likely to carry through to consumers, so you want their enthusiasm to equal what you want from your audience.

Briefing a brand ambassador team isn’t much different from briefing a creative team, but it has a tangible impact. Your message is entrusted to a group of enthusiastic and talented individuals to turn it into a physical persona. The influence these personal interactions have on your target audience is the culmination of a tireless effort to bring a brand to life, so you’ll want to make it count!

ATN Event Staffing delivers top-tier talent to represent your brand and connect with consumers. Our expertise makes the hiring process of an experiential marketing team a seamless integration for events, activations, and promotions. Over nearly two decades, our partners have come to expect high-caliber solutions and exceptional customer service.

When brand ambassadors are part of your campaign strategy, ATN Event Staffing equips you with the best.