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Last weekend we staffed 34 markets managing the Bud Light Bucket Challenge for our agency partner FUSION. The event took place at 1 on-premise location in each market simultaneously. Using the NCAA basketball tournament as a model, each market competed against another in a 1-day nationwide tournament.

ATN hired team leads to handle pre-production and event day duties. Prior to the event, our leads coordinated with the venue, wholesalers and our client to ensure everybody was on the same page. Additionally, they picked up televisions and delivered them to the venue.

On event day, our Leads managed 2 ATN Brand Ambassadors to run the tournament. They set up simulcasts using iPads and balanced their management duties with technical know-how to get the job done.

This program had a lot of moving parts as the activation took place simultaneously in all markets on 1 day. There were a lot of last-minute changes, and everything went off without a hitch.

We know logistics. Bringing our expertise in staffing large events and coordinating a multitude of logistics alongside our client partners is something we love to do.