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Happy Hour:  Weekly Round-Up 

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From large convention venues to community exhibit halls, one of the major players in trade show marketing success is booth location.  A desirable location will garner more foot traffic and increased engagement resulting in more leads and a better return on your investment.  In this week’s Happy Hour, we feature an article that shares tips for finding the right location for your trade show exhibit.  We also look at the correlation between experiential marketing and brand loyalty and the future of brand storytelling.

How to Choose the Best Location for Your Trade Show Exhibit 

“If you’re looking to level up your trade show marketing and grow your business, choosing the right spot on the trade show floor is one aspect that you need to prioritize with your exhibiting plans.” ~Briquelle Neyens, Skyline 

Trade Show Booth Location

When planning a trade show marketing campaign, there are many things to consider, from eye-catching booth designs to having the right staff representing your company. But hands down, one of the most important considerations is your exhibit location on the trade show floor. After all, you’ll be vying for attention and foot traffic among a sea of other exhibitors. In this article, we’ll explore some key considerations to help you choose the best location for your trade show exhibit.

The Correlation Between Experiential Marketing Events and Brand Loyalty

“By taking your brand mobile, you can create a unique and fully immersive experience that visitors won’t soon forget.” ~MRA

Experiential Marketing and Brand Loyalty

Today’s consumers are bombarded with thousands (yes, thousands) of ads every single day. For brands, cutting through all the clutter and rising above the noise with traditional marketing strategies can be challenging in such a crowded marketplace. But when brands choose to engage consumers with experiential marketing tactics, they connect with them on a personal level which builds relationships and trust. And ultimately, those bonds offer brands a tremendous opportunity to build brand loyalty. Here, we’ll take a closer look at the correlation between experiential marketing events and brand loyalty.

The Future of Brand Storytelling in Experiential Marketing 

“Storytelling took on entirely new forms in 2020 and early 2021, and the way brands tell their stories might be changed forever by the lasting impact of the pandemic.” ~Jessica Heasley, Event Marketer

future of experiential brand storytelling

Consumers expect experiences to be memorable, and marketers use storytelling to accomplish that. People want to know about the brands they support. They want to know who they are, what they believe in, their values, and so forth. Storytelling can accomplish all of those things by immersing consumers in an authentic brand narrative that takes them on a journey that resonates. While storytelling has always been an essential part of experiential marketing, the pandemic shook things up a bit as content and messaging shifted. In this Event Marketer Q&A session, brand marketers discuss the pandemic’s impact on engagement strategies and the future of brand storytelling.

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