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Experiential marketing comes with tremendous benefits, but to see real success, brands need to focus on putting consumers first and building relationships rather than chasing impressions. In this edition of Happy Hour, we lead off with an article that dives into how to create genuine experiences that really resonate with consumers. We also look at how beauty brands can use experiential to drive loyalty, and lastly, we discuss how you can effectively measure experiential ROI.

Quality Over Quantity: Adopting a Consumer-First Approach With Experiential Marketing 

Consumer-First Approach in Experiential Marketing

A well-executed experiential marketing campaign can be a game-changer for brands. Not only does experiential create awareness, but it can also influence purchasing decisions. However, to be successful, marketers should focus on quality over quantity because it’s not just about reaching a large number of people, it’s about creating relationships with the right people. This article dives into how brands can create authentic and meaningful moments for consumers through storytelling, interactivity, influencers, and social media.

How to Prove Experiential Marketing ROI

“. . .for some marketers yet to dip their toes into the experiential marketing waters, it is often concern over how to measure the activity that puts them off, as they remain wary of the metrics that will demonstrate the effectiveness of the experience.” ~Tom Gray, Adweek

improving trade show ROI

Experiential marketing is a popular strategy among marketers because of its ability to connect with consumers one-on-one through participatory experiences. However, some brands and marketers are still skeptical about utilizing experiential because they are unsure about how to measure its effectiveness and prove its value. And their hesitation is valid. Experiential is very dependent on emotion and behavior, both of which are almost impossible to measure. This article presents a three-part formula that marketers can use to better understand how effective their campaigns are.

Experiential Marketing Can Help Beauty Brands Gain Lifelong Customers

“The beauty and self-care markets are notoriously crowded and noisy. The brand experiences you craft can break through the chatter and get your company, and its products noticed.” ~Jeff Snyder, Total Retail

experiential marketing beauty brands

With so much competition in the beauty and self-care industry, the overall brand experience is crucial in driving sales and, more importantly, gaining loyal customers. The industry is very unique in that when a consumer finds a beauty product that they love, they typically stay a customer for years to come. And sometimes, they become lifelong customers, passing their love down to the next generation. But it takes some work to earn that loyalty. Every touch point in your marketing strategy should focus on the experience, from social media engagement to website visits to customized activations that get your products in the hands of consumers. Here, Inspira Marketing’s Jeff Snyder delivers three ways that beauty brands can leverage experiences to create brand love.

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