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Happy Hour:  Weekly Round-Up 

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From the complete shutdown of the industry in 2020 to navigating new COVID variants, the last two years have been a long and bumpy road for the live events industry. Corporate events, meetings, and conferences were some of the first events to cancel, and that segment of the industry suffered the most. Remarkably, corporate meetings and events increased in the latter half of 2021, signaling that the industry is on the road to recovery.

In this week’s Happy Hour, we look at data from a recent report that features insights regarding the future of corporate events and meetings. We also deliver six tips for contingency planning in the age of COVID, and we dive into why ’90s nostalgia marketing will never fade away.

Corporate Events and Meetings Show Signs of Remarkable Recovery

“While we focus on building trust and confidence, we have remarkable examples from across the globe of business events not only happening safely but offering tremendous value and impact.” ~TSNN (Amy Calvert, Events Industry Council)

Corporate Events and Meetings Show Signs of Remarkable Recovery

Photo: Event Solutions

According to the Global Business Events Barometer, a new study by the Events Industry Council and Oxford Economics, in-person corporate events made significant progress towards recovery in 2021.  In fact, the study found that the industry has “recovered to approximately half of pre-pandemic levels.”  The study, which monitors the number of group room nights booked at hotels and RFP activity, proves that there is a significant demand for in-person events.  And as we move into 2022, that demand will continue to increase.  In this article, TSNN shares insightful (and inspiring)  information and key findings from the report.

The Show Must Go On:  6 Tips for Contingency Planning in the Age of COVID

There’s a lot of uncertainty regarding COVID variants and in response, event organizers are creating event contingency plans to prepare for the future. ~Rachel Rappaport

6 Tips for Contingency Planning in the Age of COVID

Photo: Kismet Event Design

Live event professionals have always known how vital contingency plans are. After all, in this industry, anything goes, and anything can go wrong – from AV issues to logistics to staffing. Tack on the pandemic and the variants, and the number of “what ifs” have increased. Because of these new challenges, event organizers need to have a well-organized and actionable contingency plan.  One that allows them to protect their investments while providing the best possible experience for live and virtual attendees. In this article, Bizzabo shares how event marketers can better prepare for the unknowns of planning events during the pandemic.

Why ‘90s Nostalgia Marketing Is Here to Stay

“Brands like using nostalgia because it conjures a powerful feeling of both happiness and melancholy.” ~Paul Hiebert, Adweek 

90s nostalgia marketing is here to stay

Photo: Hotels.com

’90s nostalgia is all the rage, and it doesn’t seem to be dying out. Over the past few years, we’ve seen several brands blast from the past with campaigns and product reboots aimed at younger Gen Xers and Millennials. But will ’90s nostalgia stay relevant as younger generations get older? With TikTok keeping the decade’s cultural trends alive and the desire for less turbulent times, ’90s nostalgia is here to stay.  At least for the time being. Here, Adweek explores the popularity behind nostalgia marketing and why younger generations find it relevant.

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