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Happy Hour:  Weekly Round-Up 

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CPG brands have always faced a ton of competition. But nowadays, they are no longer just competing for customers through store-shelf space. Instead, they must contend with subscription-based brands, private labels, boutique products, and more. With so much competition, many CPG brands turn to experiential marketing to raise brand awareness and get their products into the hands of consumers. In this Happy Hour roundup, we look at the benefits of experiential marketing for CPG brands. We also discuss the importance of exhibit design for trade show marketers, and lastly, we feature some of the best brand activations from this year’s US Open.

Why CPG Brands Need Experiential Marketing

“With the continued rise of social media and mobile technology, experiential marketing will become even more important for CPG brands in the future.” ~ Brian Couch, SoHo Experiential 


Experiential marketing benefits brands of all types, but for CPG brands, in particular, it’s a goldmine. With all the advertising noise consumers face on a daily basis, traditional ways of advertising, like television commercials and radio ads, just don’t cut it. That’s why more and more CPG brands are focusing on the tangible and personalized experiences that experiential marketing offers. From creating brand awareness to connecting with consumers on a personal level, these are the benefits that CPG brands can expect from experiential marketing.

How Exhibit Design Can Make or Break Your Trade Show Efforts

“Trade exhibitions and shows are powerful marketing tools, and when done right, will attract new customers, preserve ties with existing ones, and give you an opportunity to showcase recent innovations.” ~Rockway Exhibits

Exhibit Design Tips

Photo: Rockway Exhibits

People visit trade shows with one sole purpose: to seek out new products and services, and a brand’s number one priority is to attract new leads and gain customers. That said, exhibits have to stand out. They should not only be aesthetically pleasing to attract people but also engaging to keep people lingering. But how do you get attendees to your booth when so many others are vying for their attention? The key to making a killer first impression is an outstanding display. Your exhibit should include visual elements that tie into the message you’re conveying, and it should be easy to access and adequately staffed. Here, we look at the benefits of well-crafted designs and tips on how to make your exhibit stand out.

Must See Brand Activations From the US Open 


Photo: American Express

The US Open has become one of the it-list sporting events for experiential marketers. As tennis fans flocked to Flushing, NY to watch their favorites take the court, brands were out in full force with activations, sponsored parties, and more. From Arthur Ashe’s Kids Day to Fan Week, here is a roundup of the hottest brand activations from the US Open.

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