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Direct Marketing Agencies can offer a wide range of traditional and internet advertising but promotional events offer the ideal opportunity for clients to create a face-to-face interaction with consumers.

However, something as simple as a brand ambassador handing out the direct marketing agencies samples to a consumer may require a lot of moving parts.

Direct Marketing Agencies

Direct Marketing Agencies

Smaller direct marketing agencies may choose not to offer promotional events as a service due to the overwhelming nature of event production.

At ATN Promo we thrive on partnering with other agencies to help connect our clients with the best resources available on an as needed basis.

Prior to working at ATN Promo, our internal team has worked in the event production agency side of things. Due to our history, our internal team has long standing relationships with a variety of agency partners who provide such things as: fabrication, consumer experience/production of footprint design, relevant collateral identification and production, shipping and fulfillment and systems for consumer follow up if data if capture component was used.

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