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Happy Hour:  Weekly Round-Up 

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Despite many challenges over the past few months, event marketers have diligently been working to develop new types of experiences to foster connections with audiences.  One strategy that has flourished is the drive-in event experience.  In this week’s Happy Hour, we take a look at how brands are finding success with drive-in experiences of all types in light of the pandemic.  We also discuss the importance of executing brand experiences in the current climate and offer tips for keeping event attendees safe and healthy.

Drive-In Event Experiences Are Gaining Momentum

“From movie screenings to live performances to watch parties, drive-in experiences have been some of the first outdoor event formats to gain popularity in the wake of the pandemic.” ~Kait Shea, Event Marketer 

Continental Drive-In Event Viewing Party

With concerts, festivals, and sporting events (with fans) on pause, event marketers are exploring new ways to engage with consumers in person.  Since most health experts agree that the risk of COVID-19 transmission is low in outdoor environments, marketers are taking advantage of outdoor spaces and venues to bring experiences and events safely back to life.  One type of outdoor experience that is gaining momentum is the drive-in experience. Here, Event Marketer takes a look at the growing popularity of drive-in events as well as other outdoor venue ideas to consider.

Creating Engaging Brand Experiences in the Age of COVID-19

“You don’t need to put experiential event planning in a box because of post-pandemic limitations.” ~Department Zero

Brand experiences play a critical role in the consumer journey and are a staple in most marketing strategies. But in the current climate, brands and consumers are navigating new territory and understandably, with that comes change.  As this article points out, change doesn’t mean that brand experiences have to be diluted, dull, or avoided altogether. Change means adapting, innovating, and dreaming up new concepts that foster relationships with consumers when they so desperately need connection.  Here, Departement Zero discusses why brands should be activating and how they can breathe new life into live experiences. 

Tips for Keeping Events Safe and Attendees Healthy

“As the event industry eases its way back to live events, a comprehensive health and safety plan is more important than ever.” ~Dyan Cornacchio, Sparks

new event roles emerge from pandemic

After months at a standstill, the event industry is slowly starting to see movement. As brand experiences and live events come back, health and safety protocols should be a top priority for creative agencies and event producers. Setting guidelines and enforcing them will be paramount in making attendees feel comfortable and safe and will aide in keeping the industry moving forward. From screening attendees to encouraging self-care, here are a few health and safety tips to keep in mind.

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