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Every event marketer knows that being able to communicate their brand effectively is essential to a successful marketing event. But oftentimes, communication during the planning and implementation stages is ineffective.

From development to the event itself, effective communication is key.   In order to appeal to their customer base, event marketers must listen to their audience and understand their needs.  Moreso, they must translate this vision effectively to their team so that their brand ambassadors and event staff can deliver brand messaging successfully.

The Importance of Effective Communication in Event Marketing

MasterCard utilizing a shipping container during UEFA Champions League promotions in Milan. Image source: The Events Structure

3 Key Results of Effective Communication in Event Marketing

Event marketers who put an emphasis on good communication during the planning and implementation stages of an event can expect to see an increase in:

  • Sales and sales leads
  • Brand awareness
  • Brand authority

1.  Sales and Sales Leads

Live marketing events offer brands a way to build relationships with potential customers and increase sales through face-to-face engagement. For maximum impact, brand ambassadors and staff must be empowered to communicate the brand effectively without being overly pushy.

If a prospect doesn’t convert during an event, collecting their information offers a way to nurture the lead through the sales process whether it’s with a follow-up email, phone call or social media message.  While there are many creative ways to collect data, keep in mind you must follow local, federal, and even international regulations when communicating with leads.

Measuring sales and new leads is an easy way to track ROI from your marketing event.

2.  Brand Awareness

Marketing events generate a lot of brand awareness.  Getting prospects to notice you and participate in your offerings can lead to increased sales and even drives customer loyalty.  Offering games and activities, giveaways, or other interactive elements are a great way to get people interacting with your brand directly.  By creating an unforgettable experience, people are more likely to remember your brand and the experience they had with your brand.

Awareness can also grow outside of the event through the power of social media. If your event makes a positive impression on a consumer and creates good memories, your audience will want to share that with their social networks.

Experiential marketing is a great way to bring your brand to life and interact with your target audience directly.

The Importance of Effective Communication in Event Marketing

Hennessy handing out samples during a recent pop-up event. Image source: The Events Structure

3.  Brand Authority

Being seen as an influencer within your industry is a great way to demonstrate authority. But by the same principle, you can display brand authority with each interaction that you have with a consumer.  By sharing insights and providing value to your prospects, you will invoke trust in them and as a result, they will turn to your brand time and again.


For increased sale leads and conversions as well as brand awareness and authority, it’s essential to put communication at the forefront of your event marketing strategy from beginning to end.

Furthermore, everyone involved in the event, from organizers to vendors to brand ambassadors, must understand the importance of effective communication.  Not only that, they must communicate effectively with one another, placing communication at the heart of the event.

About the Author

Dawn Ellis is the Digital Marketing Manager at The Events Structure.  The Events Structure provides a range of temporary event structures and mobile display solutions to a diverse range of clients worldwide, including Mastercard, Amazon, Virgin, WKD, British Army and TomTom.

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