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Happy Hour:  Weekly Round-Up

The latest and greatest news in experiential and event marketing.

Even the most thorough event professionals can tell you that events are far from foolproof. People make mistakes, and they aren’t always dependable. Technology isn’t always reliable. And vehicles are known to break down. These are just a few examples of the what-ifs that event profs need to consider when planning an event. In this Happy Hour roundup, we lead off with an article that features 11 event fails that we can learn from. We also deliver holiday pop-up shop tips and discuss why the attendee experience plays a critical role in event success.

11 Event Fails to Learn From 

“. . .for event professionals, the spookiest tales don’t involve ghosts or zombies… instead, ours involve unexpected weather, vehicle breakdowns, performers who are MIA, and AV disasters.” ~Claire Hoffman, BizBash

event planning mistakes

With so much time and effort that goes into planning an event, the last thing anyone wants is for those plans to go awry. But as seasoned event professionals know, even the most perfectly laid plans can go sideways in the blink of an eye. Fortunately, contingency plans, teamwork, and a network of fantastic vendors and suppliers can help mitigate most disasters. Here, BizBash shares eleven real-life event fails and key learnings from the event profs that lived through them.

How to Create a Magical Pop-Up Shop this Holiday Season

Whatever type of company you are— skincare, software, food and beverage, beauty, etc.— employing this [pop-up shops] marketing strategy can give you a leg up over your competitors and even make the difference in a fiscal quarter or year. ~Food Truck Promotions

Holiday pop-up shop

Kiehl’s Holiday Pop-Up (Photo: NYC, Style & a little Cannoli)

The holidays give brands ample opportunity to connect with consumers in memorable ways. As people head out to gather with friends and family, shop for gifts, and experience the magic of the season, brands can take advantage of experiential marketing tactics to engage with consumers during the festivities. One tactic that is always a crowd favorite during the holidays is the pop-up shop. Pop-up shops aim to surprise and delight in unexpected ways, and consumers love their uniqueness. This article discusses the advantages of pop-ups and delivers tips and ideas for launching a holiday pop-up shop.

12 Tips for Creating a Stellar Event Attendee Experience 

“This list of events from leading brands like MozCon, Adobe, and SXSW are all prime examples of how to plan a memorable attendee experience.” ~Bizzabo

create a stellar attendee experience

Photo: Aaron Rogosin, SXSW

In experiential and event marketing, creating an event that wows the crowd is a must. But it’s the attendee experience that matters most. Creating an experience that is unique, engaging, and unforgettable takes precedence because the way people feel before, during, and after an event is what resonates the most. When consumers walk away with a positive brand impression, they are more apt to tell their friends about it, make a purchase, and become loyal customers. If you’re looking for a little inspiration, here are 12 events with epic attendee experiences.

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