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Happy Hour:  Weekly Round-Up

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There are many uncertainties about the future of events in a post-pandemic world, but that doesn’t mean that event marketers should throw in the towel.  As the old saying goes, “this too shall pass.”  For experiential and trade show marketers, now is the perfect time to reflect on past events and begin preparations for future ones.  In this edition of Happy Hour, we take a look at what event marketers can do now to prepare for the future. We also look at some research surrounding the impact of COVID-19 on marketers, and how Chaco Footwear adjusted its experiential marketing plans to provide personal protective equipment to hospitals and healthcare workers.  Lastly, we bring you eight experiential marketing ideas that will leave a lasting impression.

Event Marketers: 5 Tips to Help You Prep for an Epic Comeback After the Pandemic

“While things might be uncertain right now, there is a path forward. Now is the time to prepare and plan for what’s to come and find ways to use this time wisely.” ~Exhibit Concepts

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the tradeshow and events industry on a global scale, and companies are trying to find ways to make the most of their time given the circumstances.  As this article points out, “eventually, things will return to some level of “normal” and now is a great time to plan ahead.”  Here, Exhibit Concepts shares insights and tips from their creative team on what event marketers can do now to prep for an epic comeback.

Shifting Gears from Experiential to Serving Those on the Front Lines: Chaco Footwear

“We knew canceling was not a strategy that aligned with who our consumer is—our consumers are doers, they’re makers, they’re active.” ~ Lyndi Bell (Chaco) via EventMarketer

Chaco Mobile Marketing Bus

Photo: Chaco

Chaco joins the ranks of other brands who have adjusted their experiential marketing plans to help healthcare workers on the front lines. Chaco’s ReChaco Mobile Repair Factory was supposed to visit festivals around the country on the 2020 Roving Repairs Summer Tour and offer Chaco customers free repairs and customizations. However, with festivals canceled or postponed, Chaco shifted their experiential plans from a mobile tour to using the Rechaco Factory bus to produce personal protective equipment for local hospitals and healthcare workers in the Portland area. Read more about this initiative, and also how Chaco is engaging consumers at home.

8 Experiential Marketing Ideas That Will Leave a Lasting Impression

“While budget is certainly important in any marketing campaign, a clever and on-brand concept can take you further than you think.” ~Coastal Creative

experiential ideas that will leave an impression

At its core, experiential marketing is an effective strategy that connects consumers with brands through highly immersive experiences. These real-life experiences invite consumers to participate in a brand’s story through engaging and multi-sensory interactions. As a result, consumers are left with a tangible brand impression that resonates with them on an emotional level, which in turn drives sales and loyalty. Here, we look at 8 experiential marketing concepts that will generate buzz and increase awareness for brands of all shapes and sizes.

17 Statistics Surrounding the Impact of COVID-19 on Event Marketers

“A number of reports that have recently emerged are helping shape the predominant headlines on the pandemic’s impact for marketers and the industry at large.” ~Kait Shea, Event Marketer

impact of covid-19 on event marketers

The COVID-19 pandemic has dealt a devasting blow to the events industry. With so many unknowns surrounding the situation, no one knows for sure what the future holds or when things will be back up and running. Here, Event Marketer delivers a roundup of statistics from recent reports regarding the state of the industry, the impact on event marketers, as well as sentiments regarding the future of events.

Ebook:  Going Hybrid

“This in-depth guide offers advice from leading experts, examples from top brands, and relevant stats to help you bring your event vision to life.” ~Bizzabo

hybrid events

Photo: Bud Light

Even with live events on pause, there are still plenty of ways that brands can connect with audiences in meaningful and impactful ways.  In this ebook, Bizzabo shares tips and advice on how brands can incorporate virtual experiences that are meaningful and impactful, both now and with live events in the future.

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