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Happy Hour:  Weekly Round-Up 11.16.18

Automotive brands have pulled off some of the most successful marketing campaigns of all time.  They always get it right, it seems, and it’s one of the few industries where traditional ads are still successful.  Maybe it’s because automotive brands understand their consumers’ touchpoints, not to mention they probably have a better idea of who their target consumer is compared to other industries.  Case in point, with the Millennial generation at the forefront of consumer groups, automotive brands are turning to experience-based marketing. In this week’s Happy Hour, we feature a few tips on how automakers can give their marketing strategy a boost with experiences.  We’ll also chat about the importance of post-event engagement, and we’ll cover all you need to know about experiential event permitting and regulations.

Experiential Marketing Tips for Automotive Brands

“Experiential marketing serves as an extremely valuable addition to the mix here, too, as large-scale events can help build awareness and brand affinity at the beginning of the purchase cycle, while curated test-drive experiences can convert consumers towards the end.” ~Rob Patterson

automotive brandsAuto brands spend a whopping $35 billion, yes BILLION, per year on advertising alone.  That’s a pretty hefty number.  But, when you think about all of the choices that consumers have when purchasing a car, that figure is really no surprise.  And while the auto industry relies heavily on traditional forms of advertising, they are also leaning on experiential marketing to make the car buying experience better for consumers.  Face it, buying a car isn’t exactly fun, but that’s where experiential comes in for the win.  Automakers who incorporate experiential into the marketing mix “can create memorable experiences that show consumers how the brand fits into their lives and appeal to them no matter their place in the purchase cycle.”  These experiences are comfortable, and they are consumer-driven, and never forced.  And that’s the best way to win over consumers. Whether it’s a ride and drive or an auto show, this article outlines how automotive brands can benefit from experiential marketing.

The Event Marketers’ Guide to Post-Event Engagement

“Marketers must continue to engage with the brand’s audience following an event to ensure this connection stays strong.” ~Factory 360

post event engagementYou’ve planned your event, you’ve executed, and now it’s over and done with.  Let’s hope not.  Think about it: executing an event is no easy task.  And your end goal should always be to create meaningful relationships with the consumers that matter the most.  But those relationships don’t happen overnight; they take time.  As an event marketer, you must keep the conversation moving forward to maintain those relationships and to see real results.  In fact, the post-event period is just as important as the actual event and should always be a part of your engagement strategy. If you have no idea what to do or where to start, this article offers some great tips on how to maximize your post-event engagement.

Experiential Event Regulations and Permitting:  Everything You Need to Know to be Compliant

“Each market has different rules, regulations, requirements, and approval processes. Some markets are relatively “activation friendly” and don’t have a tremendous amount of approvals needed. Others have a more heavily regulated environment and require a permit or an approval for nearly every component of your activation.” ~Tandem

Experiential Event PermittingThere are so many moving parts in experiential marketing.  Many people (and companies) don’t realize just how much preparation it takes. Sure, your first thought may be design, production, logistics, and staffing.  But have you ever thought about permitting?  And no, we’re not just talking about a permit that allows the activation to take place.  We’re talking health permits, fire, sound, structural; you name it, there’s a permit for it.   And no two cities or venues are alike, which makes it even more difficult to understand the process.  For example, if you are cooking and serving food at your activation, you most likely need a health permit.  And your brand ambassadors who are serving the food may need a food handlers’ card.  Permits can take time, so permitting research should be at the top of your list in the planning stages.  Here, the experts at Tandem walk us through the event permitting and approval process, offering tips along the way.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s Happy Hour.  And we hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with family, food, and of course, football!  Cheers!

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