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Brand Loyalty

Connecting with consumers in today’s marketplace has become increasingly difficult considering the sheer volume of competition brands face.  Consumers today, especially Millennials, expect more from brands than just the product or service itself.  And with this generation having the most spending power of any generation in 2018, more and more brands are turning to experiential marketing to connect with consumers.  Why?  Because experiential marketing offers consumers a chance to connect with a brand on a more personal level than traditional marketing methods.  And that personal connection, well, that creates brand loyalty when experiential marketing activations are executed correctly.

4 Ways Experiential Marketing Builds Brand Loyalty

It creates an authentic experience.

When brands connect with consumers in an authentic way, it leaves a lasting impression. But what is authenticity, exactly? According to Merriam-Webster, authenticity means being true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character. How does this translate into the business world and the marketing world? When a company creates branding, they consider all aspects of the company’s “personality.” We are all multi-dimensional people, and the same should hold true for a brand as well. Being authentic as a brand means staying true to the company’s mission, spirit, and personality while doing business. It means backing up words and values with actions. That whole walk the talk idea.   Authenticity creates brand loyalty because it cultivates trust. And trust forges a bond between brands and consumers. Experiential marketing connects brands with consumers through meaningful interactions and that resonates with consumers.

That authentic experience is memorable.

An experience can be authentic, but it will fall flat if it’s not memorable. To create a memorable experience, brands need to consider the following:

  1. Who is my target audience? What do they like and what are their interests?
  2. Is my experience unique or will it get lost in the crowd?
  3. Does the experience represent the brand’s personality and tell the brand’s story? More importantly, how can the consumer become a part of that story?

Designing experiences with the target consumer in mind is essential in building brand loyalty. Immerse them in the brand’s story and offer a personalized experience that they will remember.

It’s completely organic. It doesn’t have to try so hard.

Traditional forms of marketing create a lot of noise, and people typically tune out.  But experiential marketing doesn’t create all that in-your-face noise. Instead, brand experiences are 100% organic. Consumers are naturally drawn to the sights, the sounds, the smell, the conversations, and the fun. This is why it’s important to design an experience that is appealing to the senses. Everything from visual and interactive elements to your brand ambassadors needs to be considered.

People will want to share it.

Technology has given us the ability to connect us with the community, our peers, and our target audience. Creating an event that is actionable and shareable is imperative in building brand loyalty. Social sharing builds trust between the person sharing the content and their audience. It carries the momentum from the event far into the future and far beyond the reach of the event itself.  Consider a hashtag campaign, a photo booth, or a contest to boost the sharability of your event.


Experiential marketing creates buzz for brands, and, more importantly, creates brand loyalty and that’s what keeps businesses alive. When brands are authentic, memorable, organic, and shareable, consumers see the value, and they see trust. And that is what creates loyal and lifelong customers.

brand loyalty

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