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Happy Hour:  Weekly Round-Up

The latest and greatest news in experiential and event marketing.

Experiential marketing aims to create positive brand experiences that people will remember and carry with them.  Those memorable moments are the key to turning consumers into customers, and eventually loyalists.  But, in order to make these long-lasting and positive impressions, brands must thoughtfully plan campaigns with their target audience in mind.   Furthermore, the campaign partners must work together, in tandem, to ensure all are working towards the brand’s goals and vision.  In this week’s Happy Hour, we discuss how brands can maximize their experiential marketing efforts to create memorable experiences.  Ones that encourage consumers to participate, share, and most importantly, remember.  We’ll also look at an iconic brand, who after 83 years, is still creating the ultimate brand experience.

How Campaign Partners Can Work Together to Make Experiential Magic

 Partnerships in Experiential MarketingPlanning a successful experiential marketing campaign is no easy task.  Because there are so many variables and so many hands in the pot, campaign partners have to work together strategically.  Creating a cohesive strategy with all parties involved is critical for the success of the event.  You want the brand’s message to resonate with consumers and you want to create memorable moments that stick with them.  From the brand marketer to the marketing agency to the event staffing agency and other suppliers, partners must work together to stay aligned and create an event that remains true to the brand.  Here, Oh Hello Media talks to a few industry experts to get their take on how campaign partners can work together to produce a successful event.

Brand Experiences:  7 Tips to Make a Killer First Impression

Using Experiential Marketing to Create Memorable MomentsFirst impressions can make or break any relationship, whether it’s with another person or with a company.  Hence, one of the most important elements of a marketing event is to focus on what the attendee experiences first.  Making a killer first impression through thoughtful visual designs, polished brand ambassadors, or a painless registration process can mean the difference in a positive attendee experience and a negative one.  You want attendees to enjoy the experience, share the experience, and most importantly for your bottom line, remember the experience.  Those memorable touchpoints that you create will resonate with attendees long after the event is over.  Here are seven tips that can help you make a great first impression at your next marketing event.

Experiential Marketing is the Secret Weapon in Building Brand Loyalty

How experiential marketing builds brand loyalty

In our latest blog post, we discussed the cultural shift in how consumers perceive brands and the ways that brands can connect with them to gain trust.  Because trust is the underlying factor in loyalty, once you gain it, you need to keep it.  Experiential marketing not only helps brands build trust with new customers, it also keeps old ones coming back for more.  Building a fun, authentic, and memorable experience creates emotional ties.  As a result, that moment or memory sticks with the consumer, creating trust and leading to brand loyalty. In this article, Inspira Marketing offers tips on how brands can help retain customers and create life-long loyal customers with experiential marketing.

Experiential Marketing Campaign Spotlight:  Oscar Meyer Weinermobile Mobile Tour

“In the world of experiential, the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile is the OG.”

The OG, the king, the grandfather of experiential, any way you spin it Oscar Mayer was on to something when the company deployed its first  “Weinermobile” on the streets of Chicago to raise brand awareness for the family hot dog brand.  Fast forward to 2019 and the brand has six mobile marketing vehicles traveling across the country at any given time.  Spotting the iconic vehicle traveling down the highway or at a festival gets people in a tizzy to grab their phones and snap a photo of the giant hotdog on wheels.  So how does a brand create and maintain a legacy campaign that continues to be wildly popular after 83 years?  Event Marketer sat down with Edwin Roland, senior experiential marketing manager for Oscar Mayer at Kraft-Heinz to find out how they’ve pulled off creating memorable moments for almost a century.

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