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You’ve invested the time and budget into building a sophisticated experiential marketing campaign and hired the perfect team of brand ambassadors to bring your activation to life. You’ve got the KPIs nailed down and a lead generation plan in place, and now you’re ready to see the results of your efforts. But you’re not finished just yet. You probably expect to see immediate success from your experiential marketing lead capture, right? But how do you do that? 

The answer lies with the brand ambassadors who are responsible for making those crucial consumer connections – and conversions. These teams play such an essential role in the success of an experiential campaign; you need to ensure they are adding as much value as possible to all aspects of your campaign including your message, your target audience, and your strategic goals. By setting them up for success in the beginning, you’re likely to capture more leads. Here’s how.


Leverage tools and tech to track real-time metrics 

The event technology available for experiential marketing grows by the day, practically. With that said, you are sure to find an excellent solution for your on-site lead capture needs. The key is to make sure you adequately train your event staff to use it effectively. They should also know how to track their progress against goals in real-time, empowering them to adjust as needed. Briefing brand ambassador teams on the strategic objectives ahead of time also gives them an advantage in knowing why the metrics are critical in the first place.

Keep the ask simple

What’s the most important thing you need from your audience? It’s best to keep the goal simple so the event staff can zero in on the most valuable information. The interaction should feel authentic, not forced, so giving your brand ambassadors a straightforward lead capture assignment gives them plenty of opportunities to give the brand personality.

Make it engaging

It’s Experiential Marketing 101 to create an immersive, engaging and memorable connection between your brand and the audience. But does your activation plan follow these pillars all the way through to the conversion? The exchange of consumer data should be just as fun as the rest of the interaction, so get creative in exactly how that email address, phone number, or name is collected. Personalize the exchange as much as possible by leveraging your staff to qualify – and humanize – the lead.

Have multiple approaches

Your audience will have different responses to your brand message, so allow your brand ambassadors to have different approaches to delivering it. The benefits are two-fold. First, this allows individual team members to add their own unique touch by using their personal strengths and the communication style they are most comfortable with. Second, it creates variety and diversity in the delivery, so the activation feels organic and not overly scripted.

Adapt to feedback on the fly

You’re tracking results in real-time and maybe conclude that the metrics aren’t where you expected them to be. Or perhaps you learn that a specific tactic gets more leads than others. Having periodic feedback checks with the activation teams lets you know what’s working and what might need to be adjusted. They are your eyes and ears and can offer great insights into how the message resonates with an audience. Collecting, listening, and adapting to this feedback is a powerful tool in meeting lead capture goals. And, by involving the team in the process, you are setting them up for even more success.

Hiring the right experiential marketing team could make all the difference in a successful campaign activation. Leaning into their strengths and supporting them with the right tools and resources is the best approach to ensuring results.

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