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Given the circumstances, it’s easy to get caught up in the negativity surrounding COVID-19.  The impact the pandemic has had on the experiential marketing industry and the world is hard to comprehend.  But, experiential marketers are some of the most resilient and resourceful people on the planet.  Instead of drowning in sorrow, they are using this downtime to plan for the rebound that will happen.  We expect to see hyper-local events take charge, guerrilla marketing will make a comeback, and smaller-scale conferences will likely become the new norm for a while.

In this week’s Happy Hour roundup, we take a look at what experiential marketing may look like in a post-pandemic world.  We also celebrate the power of experiential and take a look at how brands are keeping sports fans engaged.

Experiential Marketing in a Post-Pandemic World

“Upheaval breeds innovation. Transition provides space and perspective to reevaluate and reprioritize.” ~Rick Cosgrove (Agency EA) via Campaign Live

Experiential Marketing Post-Pandemic

Photo: Event Marketer

The COVID-19 pandemic hit the experiential marketing industry hard and fast. The past two months have been difficult, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. The industry will face new challenges, and the size and scope of activations will be different.  However, one thing is obviously clear,  people need people. People crave human interaction and connection, and when we come out of this, live marketing events will be triumphant. Here, we take a look at what experiential marketing may look like in a post-pandemic world.

Event Technology Reimagined

“Clever, informed, and creative event professionals will be able to leverage current technology to make events happen” ~Julius Solaris, Event MB

Event Technology Reimagined

Event professionals are more than ready to get back to business. And as parts of the country begin easing stay-at-home orders, that dream may very well become a reality soon. However, as the industry navigates through unchartered territory, planning and executing live marketing events will be more complex. A myriad of safety precautions will have to be taken, and technology will be a driving force in making events safe and feasible. Some of the technology ideas presented in this article may seem a bit intrusive, but others will play a pivotal role in getting things back on track.

Planning for the Future:  5 Things that Can Make or Break Your Experiential Marketing Campaign

“By planning ahead, brands can position themselves well for future experiential marketing campaigns.” ~Pineapple Agency

Planning for the future: experiential marketing post-covid

There is so much that goes into planning an experiential marketing campaign. From objectives and goals to venues and staffing. But what will all of this look like when live events resume? Experiential marketers are planning for the future and considering health and safety precautions and venue adjustments. Here, the Pineapple Agency discusses 5 key things that will make or break future experiential marketing campaigns.

How Brands are Keeping Sports Fans Engaged During COVID-19

“Whether it’s through competition, content creation, or charitable efforts, brands and leagues alike have the opportunity to engage an audience that is missing out on the entertainment and sense of community that sports provide.” ~Rob Patterson, Inspira Marketing

How Brands are Keeping Sports Fans Engaged During COVID-19

With spring comes the thrill of March Madness, the Master’s Tournament, and MLB’s opening day. For sports fans, COVID-19 has dealt a low blow. For brands, the implications are even greater. According to this article, in 2019 alone, brands spent “$17 billion on sports sponsorship deals, $20 billion on advertisements for sports-related programming, and an additional $1.2 billion on digital advertising surrounding sports.” With no live sporting events taking place, brands are getting creative to engage with fans. Check out what these brands and leagues are doing to keep the spirit of sports alive.

10 Experts Discuss the Power of Experiential Marketing

“Brands of every stripe have witnessed the power of live events, and they’re passionate about driving the industry forward.” ~Kait Shea, Event Marketer 

The power of experiential marketing

Experiential marketing has evolved over the years from an “add-on” tactic used by bigger brands to a crucial part of the marketing mix for most companies.  Today’s savvy consumers expect and demand more from brands, and in this experience-driven world that we live in, traditional advertising tactics just don’t cut it.  In this article, Event Marketer revisits a discussion with ten brand executives who share their thoughts power of experiential and the role it plays in their marketing initiatives.

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